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343 discuss Halo 5 and Spartan Ops season 2

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   December 11th, 2012   |  

The Halo series made its much awaited return on the Xbox 360 console and the next instalment is in the early stages of development while the second season of Spartan Ops hangs in the balance.

Halo 4 has been the success story Microsoft would have been hoping for. The game broke a number of the franchise’s records and received praise from fans, gamers and critics alike. Not only that but it also proved a massive success on the financial front and despite being released on only one console, the game managed to record one of the biggest entertainment launches of the year.

There was an air of caution among fans who wondered whether or not 343 Industries could deliver the same experience that Bungie did when they were at the helm. Bungie were the creators of the series which began from humble enough beginnings before becoming a part of pop-culture.

Master Chief is one of the most recognised characters in the gaming world and ever since Bungie signed off from the series with Halo: Reach, everyone wondered whether they would see the series return.

However, Microsoft took ownership of the Halo IP and assigned the task of creating another trilogy, which continued the series. The dust from the launch of Halo 4 has barely settled and talk about the next instalment in the franchise has already begun.

Frank O’Connor, the franchise development director for Halo, was on hand to stoke the fires regarding the next game.

He began, “A lot of people at 343 are already prototyping ideas and software and art for future Halo products.” Before continuing, “I can’t say more than that, but work on the game started actually before we launched Halo 4 and continues apace as we cycle staff through the team’s vacation breaks. We’re excited about the game.”

At the same time, the game was complimented by a live-action series set in the same Halo universe. As for whether or not there will be a second season, O’Connor explained that it happening depended on the success of the current season.

“Spartan Ops season 2 is yet to be decided, we’re looking at how the first season does.” The franchise development director continued, “You are going to see a spectrum of Halo support through the next year and beyond.”

For now, fans of the series seem to agree that the Halo series is in safe hands.

So are you excited about Halo 5 or is Halo 4 keeping you well occupied in the mean time? And also, what about Spartan Ops returning for a second season; what is your opinion on it making its return? Let us know in the comments section below.