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3DS sales surge as Bravely Default and Project X Zone are released

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   October 20th, 2012   |  

Japan: the latest hardware and software charts from the Land of the Rising Sun are in and it seems that two new games for Nintendo’s portable console have helped boost its sales.

Another seven days have gone by and pretty much everything has changed on the software front, while on the hardware side Nintendo will be more than a little pleased to see how the 3DS has done.

Starting things off with a look at the software charts first and Japan has a new number one. As it turns out Bravely Default: Flying Fairy by Square Enix for the 3DS managed to sell 141,529 units in its first week, which was enough to take it straight to the top.

In second place is Resident Evil 6, which saw a huge decline in sales from its opening week. The figure for Capcom’s game fell drastically. However, it did still manage to sell 92,921 units, which was enough to secure second place.

Coming in third was Project X Zone by Namco Bandai for the 3DS. The game was the second 3DS title to make its debut in Japan and managed to amass a figure of 85,539 units sold. Not bad for a debut.

FIFA 13 may be ruling the rest of the world but it seems that Japan likes to support its local developers as World Soccer: Winning Eleven 2012 by Konami managed to sell 50,144 units and finish in third.

Another game, Toki to Towa, made its debut in the charts as well. The PlayStation 3 exclusive from Namco Bandai managed to sell over 32,000 units in its first week in the charts and rounds up the top five.

In sixth place is the 3DS mega-hit New Super Mario Bros. 2 which took its total sales to 1,246,707 units sold since its release. This was after it too recorded a total of 29,651 units worth of sales in the previous week.

Wagamama Fashion Girls Mode came in eight and sold 22,195 units. There really is nothing more we can add to that without the obvious lame joke, so we’ll leave it at that.

Another Namco Bandai 3DS title, Run For Money: Flee From the Strongest Hunters in History or RFM:FFTSHIH managed to move a total of 18,458 units in the previous week to take its total to 190,370 units sold.

In ninth place was the PlayStation 3 version of Rocksmith. Ubisoft rhythm game managed to sell over 13,000 units in its first week and secured a place in the top ten, whether or not it can hold on to that spot remains to be seen.

That’s it for the software front, click here to see how the game sales affected the hardware sales in Japan.