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A super slim version of Xbox 360 sounds promising

By: Muhammad Qasim Hassan

  |   October 2nd, 2012   |  
Xbox 360 Kinect

There is hardly anyone who would question Sony’s decision to release a newer version of its PlayStation 3 console at what is rightly thought to be the tail-end of its life cycle.

However, what many people would be willing to see if whether Microsoft gets inspired by its competitor and decides to do the same with its current-generation console.

A super slim version of PlayStation 3 is cheaper and lighter, while the company has attempted to raise its appeal even more by bundling a couple of exclusives that is bound to have Xbox 360-owners rushing to the market to get their hands on the system.

Microsoft has plenty of reason to borrow this idea and introduce a slightly cheaper version of its console in the market since there is still plenty of demand for the system.

When both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were introduced, the gamers found themselves in a huge dilemma of choosing between the two consoles, since they both had some pretty neat exclusives.

In the end, it came down to just which set of exclusives held more appeal for a gamer to finally decide which console he took home.

Buying both the consoles at that time could hardly be considered a viable option since they were pretty costly and the games could not be bought for peanuts either, thus leading to a compromise.

If Microsoft introduces a slightly cheaper model of its Xbox 360, there is a very strong chance that it would do pretty well in terms of sales.

There are quite a significant amount of consumers who wait for the price of a console to drop before purchasing it because of financial constraints. It would be a perfect opportunity for Microsoft to target that particular market, not earning for their own benefit, but also to give these consumers the chance to finally get a taste of the console that has been making waves for over half a decade.

The main target for Microsoft, however, would be the gamers who currently have the PlayStation 3 console.

Xbox 360 owes much of its appeal to franchises such as Halo and Gears of War. These games are colossal hits and quite understandably so considering the experience they offer.

It would be the perfect chance for the Playstation 3 owners to finally quench their thirst for the Xbox 360 exclusives.

Microsoft should also consider, i.e. if it is not already in the process of manufacturing, a cheaper version of Xbox 360 because it would allow it to continue to remain a strong force in the market and continue competing with Sony’s current-generation console as well as Nintendo’s upcoming next-generation console, the Wii U.

There is a strong possibility of Microsoft already working on a newer version of Xbox 360. A job listing on the company’s official website had mentioned a new Xbox on the company’s agenda. It is not yet clear whether this new Xbox referred to a new model of the current Xbox 360 or if the company is about to get started on Xbox 720.

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