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August proves to be a successful month for Nintendo, courtesy of 3DS and new Super Mario Bros. 2

By: Muhammad Qasim Hassan

  |   September 11th, 2012   |  
Mario Endures

Nintendo may be having a tough time convincing analysts and gamers that its upcoming Wii U console is not as bad as everyone is making it to be, but the atmosphere at the company is hardly gloomy, thanks to the continuing success of its 3DS line and the latest title in the Mario franchise.

The Japan-based company has revealed that the sales figure of its 3DS rose increased by more than 36 percent over that of July.

To an extent, the surge in sales is being attributed to the 3DS XL, a version of 3DS with a larger screen and more battery life as compared to its counterpart, which launched on August 19.

The value added by the introduction of a larger screen on a portable device is something that hardly requires an explanation. Trying to make out the action on the screen by squinting one’s eyes is something that is frustrating and takes a toll on the over-all experience.

Nintendo, who relies as much on its handheld devices to maintain its share of the market as its consoles, responded to the cries for a larger screen by releasing an upgraded version of 3DS. The decision seems to have worked for them, something that is clearly shown by the hardware sales during NPD’s August reporting period.

Another thing that will have the Nintendo team celebrating is the success of New Super Mario Bros. 2. The company announced that the platformer sold 240,000 copies during its first week of launch.

The success of the latest Mario game hardly comes as a surprise because of the strong bond that the game seems to share with gamers.

Super Mario Bros. 2 gives players control of the plumber with bushy-moustache once as he runs, jumps and stomps in a number of levels. Once again, the main storyline involves Princess Peach getting kidnapped and taken away to some castle by Bowser. As it may already be obvious to you, things have hardly changed in the world of Mario. It appears the design team is not yet ready to become a bit creative and letting the game stay as it was a couple of decades ago, setting up a perfect example of “if it is not broken, no need to fix it.”

The gameplay, while similar to what we have already experienced, is as smooth as ever, with the controls being extremely precise. The game also offers lots of secrets for the players to discover, plus a few neat additions have been made, though unfortunately they leave a lot more to be desired.

The co-op mode that some gamers may have experienced in the game’s Wii counter-part is back, though it often becomes frustrating at times.

The over-all experience delivered by new Super Mario Bros. 2 is fun to say the least despite being far from fresh. It would hardly come as a surprise if the Wii U version of Mario manages to make the same impact upon the console’s launch. Nintendo would definitely be keeping its fingers crossed.

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