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Bad Piggies: A Candid Review (Part 2)

By: Muhammad Qasim Hassan

  |   October 2nd, 2012   |  

The Good

If anyone was under the impression that Rovio would keeping sticking to the same formula that had worked so well in the Angry Bird games, they could not have been wrong.

The Finnish studio has done away with the casual-friendly difficulty and taken a bold decision of making the gameplay pretty challenging.

On first look, the gameplay of Bad Piggies comes off as pretty simple, with the player required to use the touch controls and get the hang of basic mechanics to help the pigs get across the finish line while collecting stars in the process.

However, it is much more complicated than that, something that the casual gamers will surely take some to get used to. They seemed quite content with the rather monotonous gameplay that involved using a slingshot to throw a bird at the well-barricaded pigs, primarily relying on the angles and luck of the player.

This time, however, the analytical skills of the players will be put to test as well. Building the right vehicles through the assortment of a wide range of parts to successfully ride or fly across the level is something that the players may be able to do in only a couple of minutes or may keep them thinking and trying for 30-40 minutes.

After getting used to the difficulty, the players will come to realise that the challenges that Bad Piggies continuously hurls at them is both fun and rewarding. Unlike the Angry Birds games where it took the least bit of thinking and effort to successfully clear a stage and move on to the next one, players will be asked to really put in a genuine effort to get the desired result. After getting through a complex puzzle, the player will have a good enough reason to feel proud of himself and will get to savour his accomplishment.

The experience on offer would neither be redundant, nor bland, thus allowing players to continue having a great time while progressing through the game.

The difficulty would especially be appreciated by core gamers, who love to face challenges and crave for a mobile game experience that is close to that of console games.

One more thing that is really great about Bad Piggies is that there are a lot of levels in the game, which is bound to keep them busy for days, if not weeks.

The game will start off with 72 standard levels, 18 collectible bonus levels that the player will need to unlock and five sandbox levels.

We are talking about a Rovio game here so it is safe to assume that more levels will be getting added in the future.

Another thing that the players will really appreciate during their Bad Piggies sessions is the smart checkpoint system that will keep saving the vehicles as the player builds them, thus saving him from the trouble of creating everything from scratch in case of a crash of both the vehicle or the app itself.

While there are plenty of reasons for gamers to love the Bad Piggies experience, it is only fair to say that there is a possibility that the game may not end doing that well. If you want to know the reason for that, then the third part of this review is something that you would surely want to go through.

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