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Bad Piggies breaks record by swiftly climbing to the top of US iTunes App Store charts

By: Jason McCarthy

  |   October 4th, 2012   |  

Rovio had made a pretty bold move by deviating from the traditional game-play in the Angry Birds spin-off Bad Piggies, but the results have been exactly what they had desired.

The game rocketed to the top of the US iTunes App Store chart a little over three hours after it was released there, breaking the previous records set by Angry Birds Space and Amazing Alex, both of which were also developed by the Finnish studio.

The studio’s CEO Mikael Hed is really excited about the impact that the game has made in such a short time, noting that such an amazing response was great for both the game as well as the brand.

“It’s been an incredible launch, both for the game and for Bad Piggies as a brand,” said Hed.

Surging to the top of the US iTunes App Store chart is indeed a huge accomplishment for the game, but the real success would be registered if it manages to maintain its place on the top in the coming weeks.

Being related to the immensely popular Angry Birds franchise, the game was bound to attract a lot of attention because of the curiosity of the gamers to see what the studio had done differently this time.

The expectations were high and quite understandably so because the original Angry Birds series had went on to revolutionise casual gaming, emphasising the role of simple gameplay in order to create appeal for casual gamers.

Bad Piggies features a significant deviation from the gameplay of the Angry Birds series, with the slingshot notably missing from the game. The concept of the game has also changed, along with the main characters.

While the players were previously aiding the birds to keep the pigs from running away with their eggs after stealing them at the beginning of each level, this time the players will be required to build vehicles and then pilot it to take the pigs across the finish line.

The physics-based gameplay and challenging puzzles makes the game come off as a core experience instead of a casual one.

The decision by Rovio to make the gameplay of Bad Piggies challenging had indeed put it at a huge risk of losing the interest of the very market that had contributed heavily to the success of Angry Birds, but the results so far prove the move was a good one.

Not only are the casual gamers enjoying the challenge being thrown at them by the game, the core gamers are also happy to have their skills put to test.

Bad Piggies launched for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones on September 27, with the PC and Windows Phone version of the game to be announced soon.