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Black Ops Declassified weapon modding details

By: Musa Afridi

  |   October 4th, 2012   |  
Black Ops Declassified

The PlayStation Vita entry in the Call of Duty series will bring with it its own weapon modding system combining fan favourites as well as a number of new attachments as well.

One of the main attractions for any gamer when it comes to the Call of Duty series, be it Modern Warfare or Black Ops, is the weapon customization option when it comes to multiplayer. As it turns out, Robert Huebner, the head of Nihilistic Studios was on hand to talk prospective players through the feature that will be used in Black Ops: Declassified.

According to the studio boss, “Weapons retain many of the attachments from previous games, with fan favourites such as suppressors, extended mags, underaction grenade launchers, and different optics.”

That is all the standard stuff taken care of but Huebner continued, “New additions also appear like improved grip, which improves hip fire accuracy, and adjustable stock, which gives full movement speed while using Aim Down the Sight”

There was no comments on the perks that would be available to the player during the game, however, he did touch on how players would need to level up their weapons in order to unlock new attachments, similar to the console versions.

He explained, “In multiplayer, you’ll unlock these attachments by levelling up your weapons. You’ll be able to use up to two attachments with each primary weapon, and one attachment with secondary weapons.”

All of that is pretty standard when it comes to Call of Duty games and one has to wonder whether keeping things the same is a plus point or not innovating on the new platform is a negative. It is a debate that will grow more profound as more and more information relating to Declassified is released.

However, that being said, Activision is overseeing the project, and although they are not directly involved in the development of the game, they are looking to ensure that the final game fits into the Call of Duty universe in terms of narrative.

The game takes place between the events of Black Ops and the upcoming Black Ops 2, and is set to fill in the gaps in the story between the two mega titles. Whether or not it lives up to the mark remains to be seen but it will be interesting to see how fans take to the game.

Huebner went on to divulge more details about Black Ops: Declassified including shedding some light on the perks as well as what can be expected from the game’s single-player mode, as well as his ‘thing’ for Bouncing Betty – no pun intended.

But what does the reader think so far; does the game have a chance or is it destined to fail? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.