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Capcom releasing free 8-bit Street Fighter X Mega Man game for PC

By: Jason McCarthy

  |   December 11th, 2012   |  
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8-bit Street Fighter X Mega Man downloadable game arriving for PC in celebration of the 25th anniversary of two of Capcom’s most prolific franchises.

The best gifts are the ones that have a significant amount of uniqueness and surprise attached to them, thus coming off as completely unexpected to the person receiving them.

Capcom seems to have kept the aforementioned conditions in mind to come up with a perfect way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its Mega Man and Street Fighter franchises.

The publisher is releasing a PC crossover game Street Fighter X Mega Man, which the fans will be able to download for free from the company’s official website at Capcom-Unity.com for free starting December 17.

Upon hearing about the new game, one of the first things that come to mind is the graphics. PC has grown more powerful than ever in terms of rendering capabilities and therefore the developers find themselves with an opportunity to present more realistic and breath-taking graphics than ever before.

However, Street Fighter X Mega Man will neither be in high-definition (HD), nor have realistic graphics.

Instead, the game will feature 8-bit graphics, thus staying true to the original spirit of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the console on which the two franchises made their debut in 1987.

Developed by Capcom fans Seow Zong Hui, the game has clearly been designed keeping the hard-core fans of the two franchises in mind and therefore it has been made as similar to the original form of the two franchises as possible in terms.

The music is also not something that you would come across in recent games. Instead, the game will feature an original soundtrack that has been created by none another fan Luke Esquivel.

With Mega Man and Street Fighter belong to a different genre of video games, it is understandable to get confused over how the two games could possibly be merged.

What Hui has basically done is that he has kept Street Fighter X Mega Man identical to the gameplay and presentation of Mega Man, while putting in Street Fighter-themed levels and bosses.

The game will feature eight characters from the original Street Fighter roster, which include but are not limited to Ryu and Chun-Li.

Fans that are feeling nostalgic and are interested in reliving the experience of their early days of gaming are surely in for a treat.

However, the game is also likely to appeal to the more-recent fans of the Mega Man and Street Fighter franchises as it will allow them to step away from the graphic-intensive games of today.

The game is releasing exclusively for PC at the moment, though it could possibly hit Xbox Live and PlayStation Network (PSN) in the future.