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PlayStation 4 controller based on a Katy Perry song

By: Musa Afridi

  |   October 13th, 2012   |  
Katy Perry Live At Formula 1 Singapore

It gets hold and then cold. No, seriously. Sony has patented a new PlayStation Move controller that changes temperature according to whatever is happening in the game. The orb at the end even changes colour too.

In some rather bizarre news, as pretty much no one was expecting anything like to be circulating on the world wide web, Sony’s latest patent sees them add changing temperature to the list of features for the PlayStation Move controller.

The controller will have a band inside of it that will heat up and cool down thus making the area of the controller in the palm of the player’s hand change temperature as well. There could be a number of uses for the feature, none of which we were able to think of, but various websites have put forward interesting ideas.

The best of the lot was how many games use temperature gauges when firing weapons. If a weapon overheats then the player has to cool down before they can fire again. The same principle could be used here but with actual heat and cooling down of the controller.

Another use could be in traversal for games such as Uncharted. Climbing walls in a burning house could have the controller be warmer than usual while traversing through the mountain ranges of Tibet could see the controller become cooler. However, for that to work one would need to be playing games using the Move.

Sony however, have suggested that the cooling of the controller could also be used to help those who have sweaty palms from playing their games. That does seem the most practical implementation of the feature yet, but it is still too soon to speculate too deeply on the matter.

Whatever the case, it seems most likely that the new controller will be planned for use with the PlayStation 4, as the current generation of consoles, although have plenty of content coming, will be beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, especially if the Nintendo Wii U takes off half as well as the Wii did.

Could the temperature changing Move controller surprise everyone if and when it is unveiled or is this just an idea Sony had and decided to patent to ensure it remained theirs exclusively and protect it until they could find a use for it? It seems only time will answer those questions.

Sony has remained tightlipped on the PlayStation 4 front but one has to wonder how long the manufacturer can maintain its silence with pre-orders for the Wii U already being sold out and the console looking set to get off to a flying start.

But all that apart, what does the reader think of the temperature changing Move controller? Let us know in the comments section below.