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Top 5 overrated video games of all time – Part 4

By: Jason McCarthy

  |   September 12th, 2012   |  

2. Grand Theft Auto

Surprised? I do not blame you since this franchise attracts big scores the same way honey attracts bees.

Grand Theft Auto, or more commonly known as GTA, is loved by a major portion of the gaming community, a fact that is proved by its commercial success. Everyone seems to be in love with everything about the game, the gameplay, the storyline, the concept, the music.

I got my first experience of GTA with the second title in the series during the good old days of Windows 98. The game came off as rather unique to me, with the idea being pretty fresh and, yes, entertaining.

When the third part came along, it became obvious that Rockstar Games was looking to take the series to an entirely new level. The graphics had been enhanced significantly, demanding people to get hold of better computers and graphic cards in order to play the game smoothly.

The series continued, with each successive GTA game earning even more critical and commercial acclaim than its predecessor. People of all ages were head-over-heels for the game and despite the M rating of the game, kids were the ones who were the biggest enthusiasts of the free-roaming action/adventure driving game.

I have played GTA II, III, Vice City and San Andrea. None of the four games made me feel like I was doing the same thing over and over again.

Do not get me wrong. I am not trying to assert that playing through those games was not fun. However, the sort of reaction that the game has triggered in the gaming community comes off as rather surprising.

The gameplay of the game is rather monotonous when you look at it in a wider perspective. While the missions are not repetitive, everything that comes in between them is.

The presentation of GTA games following the second part are more or less the same. The graphics do keep improving, but none of the structures, characters or cars leave a lasting impression. The voice acting is also rather annoying. The developers also seem to think that the human population is extremely aggressive and are looking for an opportunity to swear at someone or attack them. It is funny to an extent, but eventually becomes pretty annoying.

Finding the general gaming community going berserk after a franchise that is continuously offering the same thing in each of its latest game is something that completely baffles me. Rockstar Games seems to be hardly at fault here as the gamers seem to desire the very same thing.

GTA is not a bad game and I admit that despite a few shortcomings, the game is quite entertaining. However, the game is treated as pure gold, which it is not. There is still plenty of work for the developer to do in order to make the game a complete and satisfying package. Until that is done, I feel no hesitation in stating that the game is seriously overrated.

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