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Complete US Super NES collection up for sale for $24,999 on eBay

By: Jason McCarthy

  |   December 12th, 2012   |  
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A well-known collector has put his complete collection of Super NES games for sale, with an asking price of US$24,999, though it is negotiable.

The eBay user going by the name of byuu is looking to unload his prized collection of 721 Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Super NES) titles release in US, Mexico and Canada.

While the asking price by the seller is $24,999, he has shown his willingness to accept the best offer, which may even turn out to be less than what he has in mind.

So far, more than 49 offers have been made, though none of them has been deemed appropriate by the seller, who is hopeful to see the true value of his collection getting realised sooner or later, and therefore gotten rejected by him.

The Super NES games collection indeed has a strong appeal to it, since not only does it include every single game along with its box that has been released for the North American region, but also has manuals for 85 percent of the games in the collection.

Furthermore, the seller claims that majority of the game cartridges are in mint conditions, while the condition of only a handful of games can be regarded as fair.

In order to ensure that the quality of the games is top-notch, byuu had all the cartridges professionally cleaned and tested to make sure that none of them goes into the box with as much as a single spot of dirt.

The seller is a renowned collector, who has been amassing Super NES games for a good number of years. Being the creator of bsnes emulator that makes it possible for Super NES titles to be played on PC, byuu seems to have decided to sell off his collection to recover some of the losses that he has suffered ever since jumping into the emulation business.

Claiming to have spent 2,000 hours purchasing, scanning and dumping, not to mention 60 additional hours put into cleaning the Super NES cartridges that has been put up for sale on the auction site, byuu lets it know that the collection has taken a great deal out of him and therefore the asking price is not without merit.

Finding a collector and video game enthusiast getting rid of such a huge collection that has clearly taken a lot of effort and time and build comes off as strange and leaves on wondering what byuu plans on doing with the money.

It turns out that he plans on shifting his focus to collecting every single Super NES title that has released for Europe and Japan for the same purpose that he collected the Super NES titles for the North American region.