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Dead Space 3 to terrify gamers in new ways according to developer

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   September 11th, 2012   |  

Visceral Games’ Steve Papoutsis, the executive producer of the third instalment of EA’s Dead Space series, explains how he wants to mix things up and keep the scares “fresh” in the snow covered planet, Tau Volantis.

The original Dead Space game shocked the world with just how gory, violent, terrifying and absolutely brilliant it was. The game slipped onto the market pretty much under the radar but before long it was the talk of the survival-horror town.

The sequel to Dead Space had a fanbase to cater to and EA also seemed to want to emphasize on making it more accessible to larger segment of the gamer market. This was apparent in how the game had more of an action-horror element to it. Nonetheless, the game provided plenty of scares and enough to keep everyone engaged in the limb dismembering world.

However, the third game in the series has a number of problems to overcome. Firstly, the fans expectation levels are through the roof; secondly, the game has added co-op, which has fans cautious and lastly, one has to wonder if the game can keep its horror atmosphere by using the same old tricks.

Fans will then be relieved to hear Steve Papoutsis’ thoughts, as the executive producer of the game explained, “One of the biggest challenges for us is to continue to keep things fresh.”

No arguments there. He continued, “We’re at the third instalment, and the sheer shock value of seeing the dismemberment, and some of those things that have become staples of the franchise, aren’t going to continue to scare people the way they had done.”

A very shrewd observation.

“I’d say our biggest challenge is keeping it fresh, mixing it up so it doesn’t become predictable. There’s no obvious cadence to when we’re gonna scare you.”

That sounds promising and exciting but one has to wonder whether or not that will be the case when the game finally hits stores. Many developers often hype up their games before release and point out just how much better it will be than the last one.

Dead Space 3 will swap the tight, claustrophobia inducing corridors of the previous games and introduce players to Tau Volantis, a snow covered planet where the Marker has been set off, turning its inhabitants into necromorphs.

Papoutsis also explained how they planned on making use of both the game’s audio and the environment to scare players in new ways.

Whether or not the game lives up to its promise is something that only time will tell, in the meantime we want to know the readers’ thoughts; are you excited about Dead Space 3 or do you think it will disappoint?

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