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Death takes the US Sales charts with Darksiders 2

By: Musa Afridi

  |   September 10th, 2012   |  

THQ’s sequel to the original Darksiders game dominates the software sales charts in the United States as Sleeping Dogs free falls to mid-table and Kingdom Hearts 3D impresses.

Following our look at the United Kingdom’s sales chart it is now time to hop over the small pond that is the Atlantic Ocean and see which games are making the big bucks in the United States of America.

The Amazing Spider-Man movie was decent and the game may not have been the deepest or most engrossing but it was still a good play. However, it seems that being good has almost run its course as the game is on its way out of the top ten after barely managing to hold on to tenth place in the charts.

Call of Duty: Black Ops is over a year old but it seems that the anticipation for Black Ops 2 is causing gamers, in their thousands, to go and play through the game once more as they refresh their memory and get set to fight for the world in the future.

In eighth place is Batman: Arkham City, which got a new lease on life in sales following the release and success of The Dark Knight Rises.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron has nothing in common with Michael Bay’s movies and is the true Transformers experience, which is probably why it is doing so well in the charts as it comes in at number seven.

Sleeping Dogs had gotten off to a strong start but sales have since slowed down as the open world game of cops and triads slips down to number six in the charts, one place behind Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes as the game looks to make full use of being available on nearly every platform.

NCAA Football 12 also ranks high in the charts after an impressive week of sales sees the game come in at number four, narrowly beaten out by Kingdom Hearts 3D, one of two 3DS titles in the top three.

In second place is another 3DS title, as New Super Mario Bros. 2 posts a strong week of sales but none could come before Death and live as Darksiders 2 takes the number one spot for the week.

Death may not be how one imagined him, until he goes into his super-powered ‘everyone must die’ mode but the game’s satisfying mechanics and combat has the US under its spell.

It will be interesting to see if Darksiders 2 can retain the top spot for next week or whether Death will meet its doom by then.

But what about the readers; which game did you buy this week and why? Let us know in the comments section below.