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Dev torn over Dishonored sequel

By: Musa Afridi

  |   October 15th, 2012   |  
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Harvey Smith, the designer of the game, explains how he is unsure whether Arkane Studios will be working on a sequel to the critically acclaimed game or tie it off on a high.

For those readers who are living under a rock and have not heard about Dishonored, then this story may not be big news for you, however, the ultimate decision will affect many, many gamers.

In order to understand this story’s significance it is vital that some background is added. Dishonored flew pretty low under the radar during its development before a couple of trailers and a few dev diaries changed everything.

Suddenly the game was surrounded by a level of cautious interest from nearly everyone. The new IP which promised to be completely unique and compete with the likes of Fallout and BioShock, as well as bring in elements of Assassin’s Creed and a number of other games, was suddenly on everyone’s minds.

Then it exploded, building up to its release review sites went ape-crap crazy and could not stop praising the game for being the one of the best on the current generation of home consoles. Following the public release gamers lapped up every second of their time in the world of Dunwall and the game has quickly garnered quite a fan following in very little time.

The game promises open world action where the player is free to choose how he wishes to carry out the various tasks, and delivers on that promise with each decision of the player affecting the in-game world around him.

As with any new IP that becomes an instant success, one of the first questions that are raised deal with whether or not the game will be spawning a sequel. As it turns out, there is no answer to that question at the time.

Harvey Smith, the game’s designer, concedes that he is torn between developing a sequel and leaving the world of Dunwall as it is and not tinkering with something that has taken the gaming world by storm.

He explained, “Part of me would love to see future games leverage this world and part of me would love it if the vault door was just closed and that’s it.”

Smith continued, “This is your one view into the Empire of the Isles and into the city of Dunwall.” Sounds almost tragic doesn’t it.

However, the designer did leave some room for hope when his response to whether or not the game would have a sequel or whether it was being tied off was “I can’t say”.

But what about the readers; would you want another Dishonored title or would you rather have the taste of the new IP remain unblemished? Let us know in the comments section below.