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Did the Wii U’s price, games and controller impress?Did the Wii U’s price, games and controller impress?

By: Musa Afridi

  |   September 15th, 2012   |  
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Or add more fuel to the ‘misery’ fire? Wishfree continues its look Nintendo’s next generation console.

Starting things off with the launch day content that will be available for the console. The line up itself seems catered towards attracting ‘hardcore’ or core gamers to the console. Nintendo has traditionally been more of a casual or family, party friendly console, at least, that’s the branding that the Wii was associated with, but the Wii U is a different, more elaborate concept.

The Wii U wants to accommodate gamers of all types, be they looking for some of the biggest first-person shooters or a party games. Sending that message across may be a problem, especially when Nintendo is also trying to convince gamers that dual-screens are the future.

In terms of first-party exclusives, Nintendo has Pikmin 3, a Mario game (that’s all readers need to know since one can rest assured it will sell in the millions), Nintendo Land and that’s pretty much it. One could expect a Zelda game in the future as well.

Then again, the console has managed to garner quite a bit of third-party support, although some of the titles can be labelled as having been recycled, in the sense that they have already been out on the market for the current generation of consoles for quite some time.

Examples include, Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham City and Bioware’s Mass Effect 3, as well as Darksiders 2, which was announced during the Nintendo Direct conference.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is set to interest a number of gamers and could potentially help Nintendo do a bit of business as will FIFA 13 and Assassin’s Creed 3. However, there are only two Wii U exclusives that will appeal to core gamers and those games as Ubisoft’s ZombiU and the anime-inspired Bayonetta 2.

The former is the biggest appeal for the new segment of gamers that Nintendo is targeting, while the latter will only bring a niche to the console.

However, all-in-all, the launch lineup has enough to have a number of gamers considering making the switch to the console, yet one still feels the lack of a truly killer-app that defines the console. ZombiU stands out the most and is a strong candidate but it’s hard to associate anything with a ‘Wii’ on it with a zombie apocalypse first-person shooter that isn’t on rails.

So how much does Nintendo expect consumers to pay for all of this and what all the fuss about regarding the controller? Read on to find out.

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