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Dishonored exceeding sales expectations – Bethesda

By: Musa Afridi

  |   November 28th, 2012   |  

Pete Hines, the PR head at the studio, reveals that the new IP is selling better than expected and even topped the Steam sales charts during the Black Friday period.

Arkane studios is now a name on every gamer’s lips as the developer seems to have found its champion. Dishonored was a game that showed plenty of promise and potential when it was shown off and the trailers for the game seemed to indicate that either the game was set to be a huge success or an even bigger disappointment.

Luckily, for everyone involved in the world of video games, the game proved to be more than just a success as it received more plaudits than Justin Bieber surrounded by 12-year-olds. Not only is Dishonored an early contender for Game of the Year, but at the same time many have also hailed the game as the best this generation will come across.

However, it is not just critical success that the game is enjoying as it is doing more than well on the financial front.

Pete Hines, the PR Head at Bethesda, announced that the game as doing better than expected as well.

He said, “I can tell you that Dishonored is far exceeding our sales expectations, which is especially cool considering it’s new IP facing a host of well-established franchises this quarter.”

Hines also announced how the game saw an immensely successful Holiday Season period as well with the Black Friday deals doing wonders for the game on the sales front. “We did terrific numbers again this past weekend, both in stores and on Steam, where Dishonored was listed as the number 1 selling title over the holiday weekend. And Dishonored has really sold well overseas.”

According to that statement the game has sold rather well on the digital front as well, while doing a considerable bit of business through the traditional route of retail.

At the same time, Hines also took a moment to thank the fans of the new IP for their support and declared Dishonored as a new, major IP in the market.

“So, we’re very please and appreciate all the fans that have supported Dishonored and Arkane. We clearly have a new franchise.”

However, on the matter of sequels, the game’s development team seem to be torn as some want to wrap the series up while others wish to bring out another game set in the same world.

It will be interesting to see how Bethesda tackle the situation and whether or not Dishonored will spark a sequel as on the sales front at least it warrants one.

But what about the readers; do you think a sequel will add to or take away from the experience? Let us know in the comments section below.