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Don’t judge the Wii U based on the E3 Press Conference – Nintendo VP

By: Musa Afridi

  |   June 27th, 2012   |  
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Scott Moffitt, the vice president of sales and marketing of Nintendo America, claims that E3 did not do the console justice as they had too much content and too many screens to properly show off the console.

It is no secret that Nintendo’s E3 media presentation was a bit of a letdown and the only thing that saved it from being bottom of the pile was Microsoft’s woeful Press Conference where the company seemed more interested in showing off SmartGlass than anything else.

The most, and probably the only, memorable moment of Nintendo’s conference was the upcoming first-person shooter set in a zombie apocalypse, ZombiU, which is currently being developed by Ubisoft.

However, the VP of sales and marketing for Nintendo in North America, Scott Moffitt, believes that the Press Conference did not do the console justice as he highlighted two points that worked against the console during the event.

He began by explaining that Nintendo was not able to show off as much content as it would have liked. Moffitt said, “There were two things we realized going into E3: one, that we had too much content and info to share in one press event,” before continuing to point out that there were certain elements of the Wii U that they could not explain during the conference, “second, we know that Wii U is a more complicated story and it takes some explaining to do to have consumers fully embrace it.”

Moffitt also went on to point out that because of the fact they could not show off what was going on on the controller’s screen, some gamers may have missed the whole point or not fully understood the overall experience. The VP also acknowledged that the publisher did not make the most of the opportunity, he said, “That’s what E3 is all about and from now until launch. We want consumers to experience it for themselves, whether it’s in a store, at a gaming event, or at a press event.”

However, he remains confident that when gamers do actually get hands-on time with the console themselves then they would understand the console better and gauge the possibilities of the Wii as a core gaming console. He said, “Once they do that, I think people will really start to understand how the Gamepad changes the way you can connect with games and other players.”

Nintendo seem to be up against it as they look to shake off the casual gamer image for the consoles, which their previous console, the Wii, was so successful at pulling off. It seems that the jury will take some convincing over whether or not to accept the Wii U, but it is never wise to slate something unless one has tried it for themselves.