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Dota 2 Heroes – An introduction of Krobelus the Death Prophet

By: Jason McCarthy

  |   July 20th, 2012   |  
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Krobelus the Death Prophet is not like your average intelligence hero in Defense of the Ancients (Dota) 2 as her endurance capability is comparable to that of a strength hero.

Death Prophet is an intelligence hero that has an ability to push lanes and towers like none other. Built quite tank-like, she can also deal quite a bit of physical damage per second (dps) with her ultimate.

Her first ability Crypt Swarm is a nuke that can damage enemies up to 1110 units away for 300 damage. This is a very good skill for lane pushing and farming, especially after taking its 8-second cool-down into account.

Her second spell Silence is almost identical to that of Draw Ranger’s. The ability will silence enemies in a 350 Area of Effect (AoE) for 6 seconds Levelling up the spell will increase the duration of the silence as well as the AoE of the spell itself.

Her third ability Witchcraft is a passive, skill that helps to improve all of Death Prophet’s skills and thus utility. At Level 4, you will gain a 12 percent movement speed from the skill alone. In addition to other skills though, her Crypt Swarm will have its cool-down reduced as well. While we are yet to talk about her ultimate in detail, it is important to mention here that Witchcraft will upgrade her ultimate, allowing Death Prophet to summon six extra spirits.

Her ultimate is called Exorcism and can prove to be extremely powerful while pushing lanes to take down towers or focus on a single unit during the argument. At Level 3, you will be able to spawn 18 evil spirits, which of course you can 6 to because of a passive which comes to a grand total of 24 evil spirits around her body. Each spirit will deal between 43 and 48 physical damage and will focus whatever target you are focusing. These spirits last for 30 seconds and when they dissipate, they heal the Death Prophet by the proportion of the damage dealt.

As you can imagine, because of the power of her ultimate, the Death Prophet is usually the target of focus, which is why a tanky build on her is extremely important.

Death Prophet is a lethal hero that should not be considered as someone fragile and an easy kill. Her abilities make her a deadly foe in one-on-one showdown as well as team battles. As mentioned before, she would normally find herself as the prime target in team battles because of her potential to turn the odds in the favour of her team, thus making endurance items a necessity for her.

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