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Dota 2 Heroes – An Introduction to Aurel the Gyrocopter

By: Jason McCarthy

  |   July 13th, 2012   |  
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One of the many playable characters in Defense of the Ancient (Dota) 2, Aurel the Gyrocopter is an interesting hero to try out. His abilities are easy to get the hang off, though only the more seasoned players will be able to unlock its true potential.

Gyrocopter is an agility hero that thrives as a ganker/semi-carry. Perhaps his greatest strength is his ability to chase down heroes with ease.

Rocket Barrage is a spammable ability as its cool down at Level 4 is only 5.5 seconds. It is an active skill that will launch rockets at visible units within a 400 Area of Effect (AoE) of Gyrocopter. This barrage lasts 3 seconds, which includes a total of 30 rockets, each dealing 20 damage.

Homing Missile is a single target ability that will create a missile which will follow an enemy unit until it is either destroyed or it impacts them. The missile is initially inactive for 3 seconds, after which it begins to slowly accelerate towards the enemy unit. It will stun for 2.5 seconds at all levels, but will deal more damage the farther it has to go. The minimum amount of damage that it will deal is 50, while the maximum is set at a little above 400. As mentioned before, the enemies can destroy the missile by attacking it three times.

Flak Cannon is an active ability that will allow your attacks to be felt equally by all enemy units standing within an 800 AoE. At its highest Level, this buff would either last for 15 seconds or 6 attacks, whichever comes first.

Gyrocopter’s ultimate is called Call Down. With a range of 1000, Gyrocopter will call down 2 missiles at the target area. The first missile will strike after a 2-second delay, while the second missile will follow two seconds after that. Enemies caught with in a 400 AoE of this ultimate will take 350 damage from the first missile while being slowed by 20 percent for 2 seconds. The second missile will damage for 200 plus slowing by 50 percent for three seconds.

Gyrocopter can be played in a variety of ways, though it is not recommended to use him in any role other than support. While going for a semi-carry build and style of gameplay is tempting, it is important to understand that he is quite fragile and thus not capable of absorbing huge amount of damage.

There are a number of items that show a good synergy with Gyrocopter, but there is one item that deserves to be mentioned, Aghanim’s Scepter. Aside from giving the obvious stats boost, sceptre will also end up making him a global threat by extending the range of his ultimate across the map. The enemy team will find themselves dwelling in permanent fear of getting hit with a missile.

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