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Dota 2 Heroes – An Introduction to Clinkz the Bone Fletcher

By: Jason McCarthy

  |   August 29th, 2012   |  
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Clinkz the Bone Fletcher is a ranged agility carry hero who relies on his high mobility in order to get to proper position for his devastating right-click ability.

His first ability is named Strafe. When activated, it gives him 110% attack speed bonus for 10 seconds. Although it is a simple skill in nature, the sheer power of this skill does not shine unless we talk about his second ability.

Searing Arrows is Clinkz’s second skill. It is a toggable ability that will turn all of your attacks into flaming arrows. These arrows will cost 8 mana per pop and will increase your damage by 50 on both enemy units and structures at its highest level. As mentioned earlier, this combined with his first ability Strafe can be a devastating combo, allowing him to dish out huge amount of damage in a matter of seconds during a cross-fire. One thing to note about the skill is that it qualifies as an orb effect. However, it can stack with Eye of Skadi if put on auto-cast, but not if it is cast manually.

Bone Fletcher’s third skill is named Skeleton Walk. When activated, it turns him invisible after a 0.6-second fade time. This invisibility will last for a very long 35-second duration. Clinkz will also gain a 44% movement speed increase while invisible and will also be able to walk through units without collision.

Finally we get to Clinkz’s ultimate which is named Death Pact. It is a single-target skill that you can use on any unit that is not a hero. When used, Clinkz will gain 70% hit-points (HP) and 8% damage of the killed unit’s current health for a 35-second period. You will gain HP capacity based on the HP of the killed target, which basically means that your current and maximum health can be raised by a certain amount. When the 35 seconds are up, your maximum HP returns to normal. This skill could be used to heal up quickly, as well as to pick up a little bit of extra fire-power or could be potentially used to gain maximum health for an important incoming team fight.

Clinkz is unarguably a very fragile hero in his natural state, i.e. without the use of Death Pact. However, that hardly counts as a setback as his skills make him adept at sneaking behind his heroes and quickly draining their HP through Strafe and Searing Arrows. The synergy between his skills is what makes him an extremely lethal foe. However, it is important to ensure that you stay well out of your enemy’s range during team fights as nukes and disables can hurt you badly. Clinkz is also quite reliant on farming so do not ignore it too much while roaming around the map to gank enemy heroes.