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Dota 2 Heroes – An Introduction to Eredar the Shadow Demon

By: Jason McCarthy

  |   August 7th, 2012   |  
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Eredar Shadow Demon is an intelligence hero who by many is considered to be the strongest solo mids in the game.

As a result, he is picked or banned in almost every competitive game. His capacity to harass can literally have his foes tearing their hair out in frustration, something that makes him one of the best lane controllers in Defense of the Ancients (Dota) 2.

His first skill Disruption is a single-target ability that will banish a hero into another dimension for 2.5 seconds. When the hero returns, two images of him will be created that will deal 60% damage and take 150% damage. These illusions are under your control and will last for 8 seconds.

His second skill Soul Catcher is a 450 Area of Effect (AoE) debuff that will curse an enemy hero. This curse will amplify incoming damage by 50% for a random unit caught within the initial AoE. This debuff will last for 12 seconds and will affect units caught within your first skill, Disruption.

Shadow Demon’s third skill Shadow Poison is an active ability that will create a poisoned path in a straight line. The AoE of the effect is a 150, while the casting range if 1500. Any enemy unit caught within the path of this will initially take 50 damage for 10 seconds. This sounds pretty awful, right? Just wait. The has a 3 second cool-down and if you affect the unit again before the 10 seconds are up, the damage will not only be renewed, but amplified exponentially as well. So to give you an idea, 1 stack will give 65 damage, 2 will deal a 130, 3 will deal 260 and the maximum 4 stacks will deal 520 damage. If any do any additional stacks past 4, it will just add +50 damage. Just remember that the stack damage will not be taken unless the 10 seconds are up or you release the poison yourself. Also keep in mind that these effects will work for units that are affected by your disruption spell as well.

Shadow Demon’s ultimate is named Demonic Purge. This is a single-target ability that will remove positive buffs from an enemy, which in itself can be huge, but in addition to this, the enemy will be slowed for 5 seconds and then afterwards will be damaged for 400.

As mentioned before, Shadow Demon is normally a part of the line-up in competitive games if he is not banned for obvious reasons. With a bit of mana, this hero can really turns the odds in the favour of his team without much of an effort. He does require a bit of skill to play though and thus is recommended for moderate to advanced players.