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Dota 2 Heroes – An Introduction to Gondar the Bounty Hunter

By: Jason McCarthy

  |   August 28th, 2012   |  

Gondar the Bounty Hunter is a melee carry-agility hero who has a great ability to chase and finish off heroes while also being able to benefit his allies in several ways.

His first skill Shuriken Toss is a single-target ability that will deal 325 damage when at its highest level to an enemy on impact. The spell itself has a 650 range and also mini-stuns the target. This skill is most often used as a finishing move, though I discourage you from saving it for last hit as it will get your allies really mad at you, even going as far as accusing you of stealing kills. The 10-second count-down is something that may help you be more generous with the usage of Shuriken Toss instead of saving it until the end.

Jinada is Bounty Hunter’s second skill. It is a passive ability that will allow him to critical strike an enemy for 2.25 times his normal damage. It also slows down his target’s movement speed and attack speed by 25% for 3 seconds. The passive cool-down on the spell is 6 seconds.

Gondar’s third ability is called Shadow Walk. When activated, it renders him invisible for 30 seconds at its maximum level while giving him a handy ability to walk through units with no issue. The fade time comes down to 0.25 seconds at Level 4. Upon breaking the invisibility through attacking an enemy with a physical hit, Bounty Hunter will deal an additional 120 damage to his target. In case you are wondering, this does stack with Jinada.

His ultimate is named Track. It is a very indeed ultimate as it allows you to track an enemy for 30 seconds or until it dies. This benefits you and your allies within a 1200 range of effect of the target by boosting their movement speed by 20%. Another aspect of the skill is that if the enemy hero dies while tracked, all allied units within a 925 Area of Effect (AoE) will gain a 150 extra gold while Bounty Hunter himself will gain 225 gold. That is not all. The skill gives you True Sight of a unit while also reducing their armour by 5, making it that much easier to kill a tracked unit.

Gondar is pretty much an assassin whose main strength lies in his ability to sneak up on his enemies and surprise them. While he is pretty fragile, his abilities make up for his lack of endurance and therefore make it extremely hard to kill him. He is quite reliant on farming, something that he will not have a hard time doing so as he will not have to worry too much about getting ganked. Jinada also increases his farming capabilities quite significantly.