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Dota 2 Heroes – An Introduction to Shendel the Vengeful Spirit

By: Jason McCarthy

  |   August 29th, 2012   |  
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Shendel the Vengeful Spirit is a ranged agility support hero that has many uses in the game, one of which is to save team-mates from an impending death.

Vengeful Spirit’s first ability is called Magic Missile. It is a generic single-target stun that at Level 4 will deal 325 damage and stun the target for 1.75 seconds. The range of the skill is 500, which interestingly enough is still higher than your attack range, which is a measly 400.

Wave of Terror is Vengeful Spirit’s second ability. It is a very useful skill as it will apply debuff on enemies at 1400 range. This debuff will reduce their physical armour by 5 for 20 seconds, we well as deal 75 damage at its highest level. Vision is briefly given for the area the spell covers and interesting side note is that the damage done is considered HP-removal, which in essence means that it will not prevent Blink Dagger from being used.

Shendel’s third ability is called Vengeance Aura. It is a passive skill that will grant allied units in a 900 Area of Effect (AoE) a bonus 36% damage. Before you get all excited, just remember that this boost if for base damage only and therefore items will not be taken into effect. Regardless of that, this skill shines late game when your carry is ready to take over.

Arguably the main reason why Vengeful Spirit is an amazing hero and quite often picked in team matches is because of her ultimate Nether Swap. At Level 3, you will be able to instantly swap position with any hero, ally or enemy, in a 1200 range. You can imagine the uses of this skill, be it isolating an enemy hero or saving an important team mate’s skin. One really important thing to note here is the fact that not only does it interrupts channelling skills, but will also go through magic immunity.

On paper, Aghanim’s Scepter may seem weak on Vengeful Spirit as it only lowers down the cool-down of her ultimate. In reality, however, having the cool-down lowered from 45 to 10 seconds is absolutely game-breaking due to the fact that you can use this multiple times in a team fight if you are able to stay alive.

It is quite common to see some players trying to go for a carry build with Vengeful Spirit. While there is no denying the pleasure derived out of getting kills and boasting a impressive stat chart, stripping Vengeful Spirit from her primary role and a role that she does extremely well is not advised. It is important to remember that support is just as important as going in and dishing out lots of damage. Do not be afraid to sacrifice yourself in order to isolate enemy carry hero and helping your team get rid of him to turn the odds heavily in your favour.