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Dota 2 Heroes – An Introduction to Skitskurr the Weaver

By: Jason McCarthy

  |   August 13th, 2012   |  
Germany Gamescom Fair

Skitskurr the Weaver is a ranged agility carry who really begins to shine late game, though his early game impact is significant as well.

His elusiveness makes him a very hard target to take down. It is this very aspect that makes him an annoying hero to face early game and a lethal adversary during the later stages. While it is hard to ignore the fact that he is pretty fragile, his abilities make up for this particular drawback.

Weaver’s first ability is called The Swarm. When triggered, he creates a swarm of 12 beetles which latch on enemies they come in contact with, dealing damage, reducing armour and granting 321 vision. Units can only get one beetle attached on to them. At Level 4, the beetles will attach on a unit for 20 seconds and attack for 30 damage every 1.5 seconds. Also every time they attack, they will reduce the enemy target’s armour by 1. Other than waiting for the duration to end, enemies can get these beetles off them by attacking them 4 times.

Shukuchi is Weaver’s second skill and pretty much his bread-and-butter ability. It allows him to go invisible for 4 seconds at a time while gaining maximum movement speed. The great thing about this skill is that it has a cool-down of mere 6 seconds. While invisible, any unit you walk through will take a 120 damage. Keep in mind that you can deal a unit only once per cast and also invisible units will not take any damage.

Weaver’s third ability is Geminate Attack. It is a passive orb skill that allows him to attack twice. Each level will lower down the cool-down of this passive all the way to 2.5 seconds. One very important thing to keep in mind is that the second hit from Geminate Attack will never trigger any orb effect, bashes or critical strikes. Another thing to note is that the hit breaking Shukuchi will never trigger an extra hit.

Now let us talk about Weaver’s ultimate Time Lapse. When activated, it warps Weaver back in time to whatever position it was in 5 seconds ago. It also includes the health and mana that he had at that particular point. It additionally removes all negatives buffs from Weaver as well. Levelling up this skill will reduce the cool-down from 60 to 40, while reducing the mana required from 150 to 0. As you can imagine, this is a very powerful ability which when used at the right time can change the tide of the battle.

With Shukuchi and Time Lapse in his arsenal of abilities, Weaver is arguably one of the hardest heroes to kill in Defense of the Ancients (Dota) 2. That combined with his ability to attack twice after every 2.5 seconds and strong chasing potential, he is indeed a nightmare for his enemies. If you happen to find yourself playing against a Weaver, worry not for he can be effectively countered through True Sight.