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Dota 2 Heroes – Introduction to Tequoia the Nature’s Prophet

By: Jason McCarthy

  |   December 1st, 2012   |  
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Tequoia the Nature’s Prophet, more commonly known as Prophet or Furion, works in a way quite different from how other intelligence heroes in Defense of the Ancients (Dota) 2 work. Rather than relying on his mana-consuming abilities, he will focus instead on his physical attacks to make his presence really felt in battles.

He is an extremely powerful and versatile intelligence hero that can start ganking across the map at Level 1 as well as push with relative ease throughout the game.

Sprout is an active skill that can be used on either enemy or a point. Either way, when used it will create a ring of trees in a 150 unit radius. This can be a handy way of trapping an enemy or even saving an ally in some instances as it lasts for a whooping 5.25 seconds. Although it seems like an inordinate amount of time, it is easily countered by a tango or a quelling blade.

His second skill Teleportation will teleport you anyway across the map as long as you have explored it at some time in the game. This takes 3 seconds to actual cast and creates a visible effect at its intended destination that both allies as well as enemies can see. This in combination with Sprout allows Nature’s Prophet to gank efficiently.

His third ability Nature’s Call will create trees into treants. If placed on enough trees, you can create up to five treants that deal between 21-23 damage each and have a hit-point (HP) pool of 550. These cuddly treants also have a 33% spell resistance, therefore being able to withstand a little bit of Area of Effect (AoE) spell damage. These units are controllable, and often used to help push, whether by damaging towers themselves or distracting the lane creeps elsewhere.

His ultimate Wrath of Nature is a global skill that will deal 225 damage to random visible enemies across the map. Each unit hit beyond the first will add an additional 7% damage to the maximum of 16 in chain. This is the simplest way to push a lane as you are can quickly clear waves across the map and allow your creeps to reach enemies towers. Aghanim’s Scepter can be picked up by Nature’s Prophet and will improve his ultimate by increasing the base damage from 225 damage to 275 as well as increase the maximum number of allowed targets from 16 to 18.

When playing Prophet, it is best to go for items that boost your attack damage as that is where his strength lies. His first skill Sprout becomes even more effective if you are able to dish out a great deal of damage while the enemy is trapped within the circle of trees.

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