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DUST 514 Rewards system explained by CCP – Part 1

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   December 16th, 2012   |  

The free-to-play game has a number of ways for rewarding those who play the game, which is set to hit the PlayStation 3 next year in 2013.

A number of publishers are developing titles for an emerging business model in the industry. The free-to-play or rather, freemium, gaming model revolves around the concept of making a game available to the player for free, with extra content coming with a price.

Players need not purchase anything if they do not want to buy certain items, which are more powerful or rare, can only be purchased using real world money. These micro-transactions are where the publishers and developers make their money.

Nearly every publisher has released or is working on releasing a free-to-play game with EA, Ubisoft and CryTek just a few names with titles following the freemium.

Sony is already offering DC Universe Online for free and at the same time has the revolutionary Dust 514, which will link the PC MMO Eve with the PlayStation 3. The battles fought in Dust 514 will directly affect what goes on in Eve Online.

Dust 514 allows players to earn three types of rewards. The first of which is what makes the world go round, money.

The core currency will be required for players to purchase weapons, armour, vehicles and items. Basically when a player is killed in the game he or she, loses everything and has to purchase them all over again. CCP, the game’s developer assured fans that items would be priced extremely cheaply with a full load out costing no more than a dollar and players also have a number of ways to earn Money just by playing the game as well.

First off, there are the Base Rewards, which a player receives no matter what. However, the later a player joins a game, the lesser his share of the prize.

The second way a player can earn In-game money is through Team Rewards, which is basically earned based on the result. The winning team gets a greater slice of the ‘pie’ while the losing team, logically, gets a smaller slice.

The third monetary reward comes in the form of Individual rewards and are awarded for the number kills, vehicles destroyed, etc. To be more precise, this depends on War Points, which are awarded for their actions during a match. The more points a player scores, the more money he receives later on.

However, that is not all as the game offers players two more ways to branch out and grow, the first is in-game money, including Skill Points and Salvage. At the same time Dust 514 will also allow players to compare themselves with other players using the self-evaluation feature.