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DUST 514 Rewards system explained by CCP – Part 2

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   December 16th, 2012   |  
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The free-to-play game has a number of ways for rewarding those who play the game and this article takes a look at the Skill Points and Salvage Points players will earn when Dust 514 hits the PlayStation 3 next year in 2013.

After taking a look at how the players will earn money while playing Dust 514, it is now time to divert our attention towards the Skill Points and Salvage aspect of the game.

As it turns out the War Points, which players earn during each battle are not only the basis for the individual reward money awarded to players at the end but they are also converted into Skill Points. These Skill Points can be used to level up one’s character.

However, CCP seem to be working towards getting a feasible system in place to bring balance to how the Skill Points are earned and distributed.

Eino Joas from CCP explained, “Currently, skill points gained in battle have diminishing returns, meaning that if you play a lot in the course of a week, you will earn fewer points towards the end. These diminishing returns currently reset every at downtime on Tuesdays.”

Before going on to point out that the system was more than a little likely to be replaced once the game saw its full release. He elaborated, “This is temporary, and we are working on a more flexible iteration of the skill system that will not hinder dedicated players or be exploitable by players looking for easy SP.”

At the end of each battle, the loot is also set to be distributed amongst the players, although, once again, CCP pointed out that the system in place at this point in time was not the same that the studio was planning on release.

For the time being, player performance is not considered when distributing the loot and is selected at random, however, this too is scheduled for change.

“Everyone who participates in a battle receives an equal opportunity to receive items from a single master loot table, regardless of their performance.”

There is also an element of social gaming in Dust 514 as well, with players able to compared their stats and achievements with other players thanks to a feature in the game.

“The end of the battle screen will provide a comprehensive breakdown of your battle stats, allowing you to compare your performance with friends and rivals.”

That’s all the news we have for you in regards to Dust 514 for now, but the game does seem to be shaping up to be one to keep an eye on and we here at news.wishfree.com will be doing just that for you. Keep it here for all your gaming news needs.