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Fable creator praises Sony’s software, criticises hardware

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   June 21st, 2012   |  
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Peter Molyneux, is one of a handful of developers in the video game world, that everyone listens to when he talks and the developer who created the Fable series and worked on Project Milo feels mixed towards Sony’s lack of clear direction.

Fable was one of those titles that had that special something and one of the reasons behind the magical experience was the vision and ethos of its creator, Peter Molyneux, who has an eye for the unique and innovative.

Commenting on the PlayStation brand, Molyneux had nothing but praise for how Sony supported its consoles with strong first-party content. Series such as Killzone, Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid as well as others such as Gran Turismo 5, Resistance and SOCOM, have provided a number of reasons over the years to enjoy the PlayStation brand.

At the same time Sony also promotes innovate, risky titles such as LittleBigPlanet, Heavy Rain and the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls.

Molyneux complimented Sony’s extensive first-party software line up when he said, “Sony has always had a very strong first person line-up, which I this is incredibly smart. They’ve got good developers. They’ve got some very talented developers.”

He went on to point that Sony ought to give more freedom to experiment to its developers in order to come up with new titles that would surprise everyone, rather than just the occasional risk.

“The way I always feel with Sony is that if they double down on those first party developers, give them the headroom to be inventive and be creative, especially when it comes it any next generation platform, then they could pull lots of rabbits out of the hat.”

As for hardware and the PlayStation 4, Molyneux is confused as to what direction the console and the motion controller, Move, is taking. The talented developer conceded, “I just don’t know where they’re going in hardware terms. They had the Move, but it wasn’t as early as the Wii and it wasn’t as innovational as Kinect.”

Apart from adding a new word to the English dictionary (innovational), Molyneux may have a point, seeing how the Move has not been backed with any serious content by Sony. The only triple-A titles that make use of the game are SOCOM 4, Killzone 3 and Resistance 3, and those only as an extra feature as well.

With neither Microsoft nor Sony giving away any hints as to what the next generation of consoles will boast in terms of specifications it will be interesting to see if how much support and freedom Sony will allow developers in what is set to be a fiercely competitive market.

Molyneux recently quit Lionhead studios to start up a studio of his own which is working on an, as yet, unannounced title.