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Far Cry 3 to skip Wii U, confirms Ubisoft

By: Jason McCarthy

  |   September 22nd, 2012   |  
Tec Nintendo Wii U

With the launch of Wii U just around the corner, the last thing Nintendo or its loyalists wanted to hear was news of yet another AAA title skipping the next-generation console.

This time it is Ubisoft, one of the most prolific partners for the Wii U, who has dealt a bit of a blow to the Japan-based company by confirming that it has no plans of releasing a Wii U version of Far Cry 3.

An Ubisoft representative confirmed to major video game websites that the latest title in the Far Cry series had been in development over the past couple of years and the developers had not taken the next-generation console of Nintendo into consideration at that time.

“We will not be releasing Far Cry 3 on Wii U,” reads a line from the statement from the Ubisoft representative. “The game has been in development for more than two years and at the time Wii U had not been considered.”

The explanation given by the company seems quite fair as one can hardly think of any other reason to find the first-person shooter skipping a console that desperately needs to put such titles on offer in order to entice gamers.

Ubisoft is among the few publishers/developers that has offered its support to Nintendo by bringing a string of titles to Wii U, including Rayman Legends, ZombiU, Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, Just Dance 4, Rabbids Land and last what could arguably be considered as one of the most high-profile title to be making its way to the next-generation console, Assassin’s Creed III.

Even though there are a handful of promising games in the pipeline for Wii U, the success of the console is put at risk with the news of every AAA title that is missing the system.

A few days back, Bethesda had confirmed that it has no plans of bringing Fallout and Elder Scrolls to Wii U, while Capcom had also confirmed that Resident Evil 6 was going to be skipping Nintendo’s upcoming console, creating a bit of a worry for the Japan-based video game giant.

There is no doubt that the success of a console relies heavily on what games are available on it and that Wii U could possibly suffer because of failing to win over the confidence of Bethesda and Capcom, there is still plenty of reason for Nintendo remain optimistic about the fate of its high-definition hardware.

The magic of both Mario and Zelda is something that has enchanted gamers before and is likely to do it again. Activision has also confirmed Black Ops 2 for Wii U, along with a few other titles. All in all, gamers sure have plenty of titles to look forward to on the upcoming console.

Wii U is scheduled to hit the North American markets by November 18, whereas the European and Japanese release date is November 30 and December 8 respectively.