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FIFA 13 to have “unpredictable predictability” as Rutter goes all Yoda

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   July 7th, 2012   |  
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David Rutter’s latest interview will have a number of FIFA fans scratching their heads as he highlights how FIFA 13 will be less predictable than FIFA 12 and how it’s developers proudest moment so far.

FIFA 12 was a huge leap from previous instalments in the long running FIFA series in many ways. Firstly, the game changed a number of core gameplay elements, which was deemed by many as a huge risk.

Tactical Defending was introduced, which changed the way the game was played as it gave players complete control of their defence and required a level of skill to master. The ‘press one button’ to defend mechanic had been changed and despite the fact that not every player opted for the option, the ones who did praised it for how it opened the game up.

At the same time the Physical Impact engine also changed the way physical battles were fought on the pitch and combined with the 360 degree control, changed the face of the FIFA series as everyone knew it.

However, one of the issues was the predictability of the opposition’s AI, something that David Rutter explained in the most philosophical manner possible. He said, in almost Yoda like tone, “We’re trying to humanise our AI and create an unpredictable predictability, if you can get your head around that concept. And I think your readers were right when they said FIFA 12 was the best simulation of football we’ve done.”

Rutter termed the game as his proudest accomplishment since he began working on the series and summed the upcoming game up with the following sentence: “I think FIFA 13 is going to take the best of all the past titles and put their features together.”

He pointed out that the physical battles and the defensive gameplay elements had been tweaked and improved alongside the fact that “your AI team-mates who are now making exciting, useful attacking runs off the ball; the new Complete Dribbling, First Touch Control, and even the work we’re doing in our new tactical free kicks this year; all of these things go together to create memorable, exciting moments.”

The developers have warned fans not to expect the revolution that FIFA 12 was but instead to consider FIFA 13 as an evolution instead, as features were being tweaked and improved instead of being given a complete overhaul.

Last month EA explained that they were focused on adding enough value to the FIFA 13 to warrant a purchase as the publisher had been accused of repacking the same game with only a handful of tweaks.

It will be a challenge for FIFA 13 to emulate its predecessor especially with the fact that Pro Evolution Soccer 13 looks as if it is getting the series back on track.