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FIFA 13’s Wii U features detailed – 1

By: Musa Afridi

  |   November 2nd, 2012   |  
FIFA Soccer 13 Launch Tournament

EA take advantage of GamePad

Part 1: Nintendo seems to be gearing up for the release of the Wii U and so is EA Sports as they release a bag load of details as to how the game will be taking advantage of the Wii U’s controller’s features to provide a unique football simulation experience.

EA is looking to expand its portfolio of consoles on which it releases its games and the Nintendo Wii U is set to join that list as the publisher is looking towards one of its own studios, EA Sports, to see FIFA 13 debut on the console.

Despite lukewarm receptions at both E3 and GamesCom earlier in the year, the demand for the Wii U has been phenomenal as many retailers had to stop taking pre-orders due to the lack of supply. Nintendo assured everyone that there was no lag in their production and that the demand would be met at the time of the release.

Which is good news for EA Sports as it seems they have put in a fair bit of work on the Wii U version of FIFA 13 as they take advantage of the dual-screen concept and the GamePad’s touch capabilities.

The first feature allows players to see the game from the player’s perspective and find angles for passes and shots that would otherwise have been missed or as EA put it:

“See the game from the player’s on-field perspective and enjoy creative new ways to take free kicks and penalties. Simply lift and look through the GamePad screen to aim the ball, put the perfect curve on the shot, and let fly.”

At the same time, players can also use the GamePad to pick their spots when it comes to shooting in the game.

“Shake the GamePad to activate the shooting zone, touch the screen to pick a spot precisely on goal, and fire away.”

That makes it similar to the PlayStation Vita version of the game where players can choose between the buttons, the touch-screen or the rear touch-pad in order to aim their shots. Whether it is implemented any better on the Wii U though remains to be seen.

The touch-screen can also be used for passing as well. “make decisive passes with precision and long balls with ease utilizing the touch screen.”

There were a number of other features as well including on-the-fly management as well as a unique co-op mode that has the potential of allowing one player to troll his friends beyond belief.

More on that particular feature as well as a host of other gameplay features unique to the Wii U in the next part of this article which can be found by clicking here.