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Final Fantasy XIII-3 teased by Square Enix

By: Jason McCarthy

  |   July 8th, 2012   |  
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Even though Square Enix does not plan on releasing any more downloadable content (DLC) for Final Fantasy XIII-2, it appears that the company is not done with Cocoon and the Gran Pulse yet.

With the words “To be continued” appearing at the end of Final Fantasy XIII-2, the fans had a valid reason to believe that the latest story in the franchise was to see another instalment.

Talking to a Japanese magazine Famitsu, the director of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 Motomu Toriyama hinted that more action and adventure involving Lightning, her sister Serah and other characters from the game was yet to come.

Responding to a question regarding whether Final Fantasy XIII would be talked about at the 25th Anniversary event of the franchise, Toriyama stated, “The [FFXIII-2] Lightning download content had an ending that left a feeling mystery and hope. The day when the meaning of this will come to light is not too far off.”

While the first thought that pops into mind after going through his statement revolves around another DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2, it is important to keep in mind that Square Enix had stated before releasing the previous batch of DLC that it would indeed be the final add-on for the game and that there were no further plans to release any more content.

With that option ruled out, there is only one more possibility that remains, Final Fantasy XIII-3. There is enough evidence in Toriyama’s statement to give birth to a strong speculation that Square Enix may be considering a third sequel to the original Final Fantasy XIII game.

Fortunately, the fans will not have to wait for too long to find out what Square Enix has planned, since the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary event is scheduled to get underway at an art gallery in Shibuya from August 31, 2012.

During his interview with Famitsu, Toriyama was also asked about the high definition (HD) remake of Final Fantasy X. He responded to the query by explicitly stating that the fans need to be a bit patient as there are a number of things that the company needs to look into while considering a HD conversion.

Final Fantasy X is not the only title in the franchise that the fans are hoping to see in HD. For years, the fans of the popular role-playing game (RPG) franchise have been anxious to see a complete HD remake of Final Fantasy 7 that was released on PlayStation One and PC more than a decade ago. Despite a strong demand for the product, Square Enix has made it clear that they have no plans of revisiting any previous title in the series until the current titles manage to match or surpass their predecessors in terms of quality.