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Hitman Absolution lets you Play dress up…to kill

By: Musa Afridi

  |   October 20th, 2012   |  
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Agent 47 can don a number of costumes to help him blend in and sneak into certain areas in Square Enix upcoming game. The costumes even include a chicken suit.

Hitman Absolution is ready to sneak onto consoles in just over a month’s time and the eagerly anticipated title has done it all in the build to its release so far. Not only has the game wowed everyone with its slick visuals, tension-building stealth and adrenaline pumping action sequences, but it has also courted plenty of controversy as well.

The infamous trailer involving one Agent 47 and a group of hitwomen dressed in rather alluring Nuns, offended people everywhere as the protagonist dished out one heck of a beating on his assailants. Of course, because the women were dressed scantily and were beaten by a man, it was wrong, because Agent 47 is a discriminating hitman who only attacks women. (please note the sarcasm).

It seems that the backlash came from people who do not know Agent 47 as well as those who enjoyed the trailer for what it was, Agent 47 kicking the rear ends of some rather interesting bad guys, or in this case girls. However, that is a debate for another day.

One of the Hitman games’ strengths was always the way players could wear different costumes and uniforms to sneak past guards and gain access to certain areas. That feature, fans will be glad to know, has returned in Absolution.

Nice Price, the Community Manager at IO Interactive, broke the news on the PlayStation Blog. He said, “Mostly importantly, we’ve added the ability to ‘blend in,’ which allows you to act out your disguise more convincingly. Whereas a disguise would fool people at a distance in the old games, Agent 47 can now use his Instinct powers to fool people up close.”

The mechanic works by allowing Agent 47 to temporarily fool anyone suspecting him by blending in. this basically involves an action that convinces the guards, for just enough time to slip away, that the hitman is in fact the person whose costume or uniform he is wearing.

“By blending in you can briefly fool a nearby enemy and slip past undetected. To blend in, you simple hold down a button and Agent 47 will pretend to talk into his shoulder radio when dressed as a police officer.”

This was just one example with each costume or uniform having its own guard fooling action. Other costumes the player can wear include a chef’s outfit, judge’s robes and a chicken outfit. Although we would advise the players don’t wear it to a KFC.

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