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Mass Effect 3 dev has more games lined up for the Wii U

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   September 12th, 2012   |  

BioWare may be the principal developer of the Mass Effect games; however, they have handed over the responsibility of porting the game on to the Wii U to fellow studio, Straight Right, which has two other games currently in development for the next generation console.

Nintendo Wii U is coming thick and fast at this point as the console nears its impending but as yet unannounced release date. There has been plenty of speculation surrounding when the manufacturer will announce its latest console with a number of reports placing the Wii U release date in November.

The pricing has also been a subject of much deliberation with Nintendo executives teasing how the retail price of the console will surprise everyone. However, a number of retail listings and reports have placed the Wii U between the $250 – $300 range, with some going as high as $350.

However, all of that is speculation but there are a number of confirmed announcements and features including a number of games that are set to launch alongside the console.

The roster is slowly gathering momentum as Assassin’s Creed 3, FIFA 13, Batman Arkham City and Mass Effect 3 are just a few of the games that have been confirmed for release on the console. However, the only original, Wii U exclusive, which will appeal to the core gaming segment will be Ubisoft’s ZombiU.

The latest game to have been confirmed for the Wii U was Mass Effect 3, which BioWare has handed the responsibility of porting to the console over to Straight Right studios. However, it turns out that the studio is making full use of its development cycle for the console by working on two other games as well.

Tom Crago, the president of Straight Right, admitted that they were taking a gamble with the Wii U and hoped that the move would pay off with the console doing well right from the get-go.

“We’ve made a number of bets on the Wii U, so we’re certainly hoping that the platform comes strongly out of the gate.”

Crago elaborated when he teased both the titles that the studio was working on, including a new IP.

He said, “We’ve got two other titles in development. One of them is original, our own IP, and another is based on another big franchise that will come out in 2013. It’s a big title and you will have heard of it.”

Straight Right, alongside Ubisoft, seem to be the two third-party studios that are really backing the first of the next generation consoles with the latter developing a number of triple-A games for the Wii U, including the likes of Assassin’s Creed 3, ZombiU and Rayman.