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Mass Effect Trilogy hits PlayStation 3 on December 4

By: Muhammad Qasim Hassan

  |   November 4th, 2012   |  
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The PlayStation 3 loyalists can finally sit down and relax as the promised Mass Effect Trilogy announced a couple of months backs finally has a release date for the Sony console.

According to reports, the three-in-one Mass Effect pack will be making its way to PlayStation 3 on December 4, 2012, making the holiday season even more special for the gamers.

Developer BioWare had announced in September that it is going to be releasing the three-game pack for Xbox 360, PC as well as PlayStation 3.

While the release dates for the Microsoft current-generation console and PC were revealed to be November 6, the release date for the third system was kept under wraps.

To further add to the suspense, the developer offered no explanation, thus causing the PlayStation 3-loyal fans of the sci-fi role-playing third-person shooter franchise to have all sorts of paranoid thoughts creeping up in their head.

The excitement and anxiety being exhibited by the Sony enthusiasts was understandable since this was the first time for Commander Shepard to be making his appearance on PlayStation 3, which is hardly surprising since one of the publishers of the game is Microsoft.

There have been a lot of questions regarding the three-in-one Mass Effect pack coming with the various downloadable contents (DLCs) that were released.

Ryan Warden, the external producer for the Mass Effect Trilogy, revealed that the DLC will be weaved in the respective editions of the game.

“The PlayStation 3 version of Mass Effect Trilogy will have the original Mass Effect with Bring Down the Sky integrated into the game, both on-disc and on the PSN download. Mass Effect 2 will still have the same DLC on-disc that it was originally shipped with: Cerberus Network; Kasumi; Overlord; and Lair of the Shadow Broker. Finally, Mass Effect 3 will also be exactly as it originally shipped,” conceded Warden.

The Mass Effect Trilogy will allow the fans of the franchise or genre to get their hands on all three games for just $60.

Despite the third title in the series wrapping up Commander Shepard’s storyline, BioWare has confirmed that there would be more Mass Effect games in the future and in fact revealed almost a month back that the work on Mass Effect 4 is already underway.

Though the first Mass Effect game was released in 2007 and the third and final instalment in the trilogy came out earlier this year, the game still carries plenty of appeal as BioWare continues its efforts to keep the brand alive and experience fresh with frequent DLCs.

The Sony crowd can still counting days now because the galactic adventure that they had been craving to become a part of is not too far away from them now.