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Mobile a boon rather than a bane for consoles and PC, says DICE general manager

By: Jason McCarthy

  |   July 2nd, 2012   |  
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DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson believes that the demand for console and PC games are not under threat because of the booming mobile gaming space.

In an interview with Edge, Troedsson asserted that the two gaming platforms are not posing a threat to the popularity of the other, but are instead aiding each other by alluring more people towards video games.

“People are playing more on their mobile devices, but I don’t see people playing on other SKUs as a problem for triple-A developers. It’s actually the contrary,” Troedsson stated. “I think people engaging in any kind of gaming is good for all games, because it means that people will play more.”

According to him, the rapid growth of mobile gaming in recent times is a blessing and can hardly be considered as a bane for consoles. The latter would never lose their place in the market as there will always be a demand for high-definition experience. In order to quench the thirst for such games, a stronger and high-performance system is required.

“I consider myself to be a hardcore, triple-A kind of player, and I definitely play more on my mobile devices now, but I don’t play less on my other devices as a result … There will always be a demand for games that require a lot of hardware, to deliver a really hi-def experience,” explained Troedsson.

Corporate giants such as Sony and Microsoft are in a continuous race to get their hands on the latest technology and offer the best-possible graphics and performance through their consoles. It is for this reason that PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are way ahead of their predecessors in terms of both visuals and power. This has consequently opened up the gates of opportunities even wider for the developers, thus encouraging them to think big and deep. As a result, content with more details, more creativity and more oomph has made its way to the consoles, offering gamers a wide range of varied experience.

Both Sony and Microsoft appear to be focused on catering to the needs of the core gamers, players who go into great details of what their machine has to offer in terms of performance and graphics. The same stands true for PC, which offers even better graphics and performance than consoles. The games developed for these platforms present their own unique experience, something that core gamers can hardly be expected to compromise on.

Developers making games for tablet devices and smartphones, however, make sure to keep it simple in order to appeal to a large amount of casual gamers. Instead of concentrating on the graphics, the games are more experience-oriented, with Angry Birds serving as a perfect example of this. The simplicity of the games, fun-factor and easy access anywhere and anytime has raised the popularity of mobile games in the last year or two.

Epic Games revealed a week ago that the Infinity Blade title released for iPhone and iPad had outperformed its Gears of War franchise in terms of profitability.

Even though reports suggest that the mobile gaming market will grow to $10 billion within the next two years, it does not necessarily mean that the console gaming market would decrease. It is very much possible that the mobile market expands due to an increase in casual gamers, something that would hardly take its toll on consoles and PC.