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Next Crysis game will not be called Crysis 4…interesting

By: Musa Afridi

  |   November 14th, 2012   |  
PC Gaming

Cevat Yerli, the CEO of CryTek, has announced that planning for the next Crysis game as already begun and that calling it Crysis 4 would not be the best thing to do at this point in time.

So what exactly is Yerli talking about? In a recent interview, the CEO of CryTek announced that the studio was putting the first pieces in place for a radical and new experience based on the formula of the previous Crysis games.

For those who are not familiar with the first-person shooters series, which is about to receive its third instalment next year, the game is known for its graphical prowess. The original game which was released on PC put everyone’s systems to the test. The benchmark of whether or not the system was any good was whether or not it could run Crysis.

While the game was impressive visually it was criticized for bringing nothing new or special to the first-person shooter genre. Think of it as the pretty boy in class who is okay at everything but the thing he excels at is looking good.

Crysis 2 brought an element of stealth to players who could complete most missions without having to fire a single shot if they chose to do so and also swapped the jungle for New York City. Again the game impressed as the story saw a change in Prophet, the protagonist who wears the suit.

Cevat Yerli, the CEO of Crytek, explained that the next game in the series would use the existing Crysis DNA but bring something fresh when it was time to announce the follow up to Crysis 3.

He said, “We are excited about the DNA of Crysis and of the franchise. There can be literally tones of titles out there within the franchise. Unlike Far Cry, this time around we feel very flexible about Crysis.”

He went on to clarify that the next game would not be a continuation of the series in terms of the main protagonist, “I wouldn’t name it Crysis 4 at this stage because it would be misleading. We want to finalise Prophet’s story and Crysis 4 would imply the story just moves on.”

The CEO also confirmed that work on the game was already underway but it was still too early to announce anything to the gaming public.

“Normally in this time right now we would already have pre-production going on, but because we want to make this something much more radical and new we are looking at it as a bit more of long term thin. It’s too early to talk about it for these reasons.”

But what does the reader think; is going in a new direction a good move or not? Let us know in the comments section below.