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Nintendo of President addresses Wii U TVii service delay

By: Muhammad Qasim Hassan

  |   November 19th, 2012   |  
Nintendo US President Reggie Fils-Aime Interview

While Nintendo’s first-ever high-definition (HD) console Wii U launched successfully in North America yesterday, some owners were not too happy over the news of the free video application, TVii, being delayed until December.

The video on demand service for Wii U is being described as a revolutionary step taken by the Japan-based company, as it will not only allow the console to serve as the go-to machine for video games, but will also serve as a source of complete entertainment needs in the form of films, shows and sporting events.

The application will allow users to watch programmes on cable, satellite, or the various streaming sites such as Hulu, Amazon Video and Netflix with charging any extra cost or requiring any additional equipment, though the subscription to these services will be required.

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime acknowledged the disappointment of the users over the delay of TVii, but asserted during an interview with MTV Multiplayer that the video service is on its way and will not keep the users waiting for a very long time.

He pointed out that the Netflix app will be live when the users purchase the console, while the other three services promised by the company during a special Wii U event in Los Angeles earlier this year will be patched into the system sometime during next month.

He explained that the latest console by Nintendo should not be looked at as a dead system, as it will continue to evolve and become better with time.

“Wii U is a living breathing system, and what I mean by that is the experience that consumers will have tonight as they first open the system will be different than the experience that they have two weeks from now, it will be then even more different two years from now. We believe that it’s our responsibility to continue bringing new experiences, to continue refreshing the experiences that we have, and in doing so, I think that’s what’s going to have consumers continue to pick up and engage with that gamepad every single day,” stated Fils-Aime.

With the Nintendo of American President sounding so confident, there does not seem to be much reason to doubt the arrival of the remaining three services before the end of 2012.

Launched in North America on November 18, Wii U marks the beginning of the next-generation consoles era.

Introducing a unique tablet controller named GamePad, the console is aiming to change the way games are played by increasing the level of interactivity and introducing unique gameplay elements to spice things up.

The console has launched with 23 titles, which include Super Mario Bros U, Nintendo Land and Nintendo Land.

Wii U is slated for a November 30 release in Europe and Australia, while the console will hit Japan on December 8.