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No plans of porting Halo 4 to PC, confirms Microsoft

By: Jason McCarthy

  |   November 7th, 2012   |  
E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo

Fans of the Halo franchise awaiting the arrival of the title in the series on PC can stop waiting because Microsoft has no plans of porting the game to other platforms.

Speaking with The Penny Arcade Report, a Microsoft representative conceded that even though the company is always searching for ways to expand the fan-base of the already immensely popular sci-fi first-person shooter, a PC iteration of the latest title in the series does not seem like the most viable to achieve that.

“Halo 4 was designed specifically for Xbox 360, and while we’re always exploring new ways to expand the franchise and share the Halo experience with as many fans as possible, we do not currently have any plans to port Halo 4 to PC,” said the Microsoft representative.

Even though Microsoft had ported a couple of Halo titles to PC, Halo in the past: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 to be more precise, it has been quite some time since the franchise was last seen to make a touch-down on PC.

With the company confirming that it has not given any thought to bringing Halo 4 to PC, there is no doubt that it would only be the Xbox 360 fans once again who will get to enjoy the action.

This decision to stay away from such a powerful platform seems like a rather bold move by Microsoft, especially since it recently released Windows 8 and could have benefited by following it up with a Halo game for PC.

Halo 4 is a direct sequel of Halo 3 released four years ago and the first numbered title in the new “Reclaimer Trilogy.”

The game features the return of Master Chief as the main protagonist once again, while Al Cortana will be making a return as well.

While the first instalment in the “Reclaimer Trilogy” is being released for Xbox 360, it is believed that the next two instalments will come out for Microsoft’s next-generation console, which a significant amount of analysts expect to be making its way into the market by the end of 2013.

While the previous titles in the franchise were developed by Bungie Studio, the development of Halo 4 has been handled by 343 Industries.

Microsoft has put a lot of faith in the new studio by handing it such a huge franchise, a brand that has big expectations associated with it.

With the gamers becoming pretty unforgiving in recent times, 343 Industries had its work cut out as it could not afford to fall behind the quality that the fans of the franchise expect.

After completing the development of the game by September 26, 2012, the studio put the game in testing phase to ensure that everything was perfect before releasing it to the public.

Halo 4 released world-wide on November 6, 2012, except for Japan, where it will hit the shelves on November 8.