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Opinion: The fate of Wii U may not be as dark as the analysts believe (Part 1)

By: Muhammad Qasim Hassan

  |   September 11th, 2012   |  
E3 Gaming Convention - Los Angeles

Nintendo is all set to step into the next-generation space with its Wii U console, which is expected to launch during this year’s holiday season.

While the company expected gamers to be really excited about what their latest system has to offer, the reaction they received during the console’s presentation at Electronic Entertainment Expo earlier this year can be described as underwhelming.

If Nintendo thought this was a disappointment, then the comments of the various analysts regarding the probable fate of Wii U is something that would have brought them to tears. So much effort put into a hardware and getting nothing but pessimism in return is not exactly what the Japan-based company had hoped.

One problem that analysts seem to have noticed about the upcoming console is its technological capabilities. They believe that the specs would prevent the system from competing even with the current-generation machines of Sony and Microsoft, which is a serious concern. This view is shared by various industry analysts, who are convinced that if Nintendo is not able to match, if not surpass, the graphical capabilities of the existing consoles, then it would struggle to make any impact sort of impact in the market at all.

Their opinion may hold some pretty solid ground, but when talking about someone like Nintendo; it is hard to say how things will turn out. The company has always followed its own set of rules and laid greater focus on gameplay and overall experience offered by the game instead of advancements in technology. This has brought them success in the past and this can pretty much work for them once again. More and more game makers and analysts are gradually realising that game design is far more important that its graphics as at the end of the day, how the game plays is what really matters and keeps the gamer hooked.

Another speculation regarding the performance of Wii U in terms of sales is that console will not sell as many units as its predecessor during the first year. The analysts believe that an announcement regarding their high-end consoles by Sony or Microsoft will lead to consumers from skipping Nintendo’s upcoming console in order to get their hands on a system that is expected to be more powerful than their competitor. They also contended that since Wii U is expected to be hardly any different than what its competitors have already offered in terms of technology, consumers will find to find value in it.

Once again, it is hard to agree with the two points that majority of the industry analysts seem convinced about. While they must have carried out a great deal of research before reaching this conclusion, it is hard to understand why they failed to notice how the consumers have responded to Nintendo’s products in the past.

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