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PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale gets InFamous, Jak and Daxter characters

By: Musa Afridi

  |   July 17th, 2012   |  
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Sony Computer Entertainment America E3 Press Conference 2012

The party brawler gets two new characters with Cole MAcGrath from the InFamous games and Jak & Daxter joining the cast following an announcement during the San Diego Press Conference.

The party games genre is making a big comeback with a number of publishers announcing titles similar to some of the Nintendo Wii’s best sellers. Mario Karting and Super Smash Mario Bros. were two huge successes on the console aimed at casual gamers and it seems that everyone is trying to emulate those particular titles.

Codemasters recently announced that they were working on Formula One All Stars, a title that will utilise the publisher’s license but make the game more accessible to a wider audience apart from the core Formula One fan.

Sony is also taking the causal and party gamer market seriously as they are set to release LittleBigPlanet on the PlayStation Vita as well as the karting equivalent, LittleBigPlanet Karting. However, the publisher has not stopped there and is looking to expand on its cross-platform play profile as it looks to add PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale to its roster.

The game will see players choose their favourite characters from the PlayStation consoles and battle it out. A number of characters have been confirmed to appear in the game including the likes of Sly Cooper, Fat Princess and Papa. On the other hand characters who will appeal to the core gamer have also been thrown in with the likes of Twisted Metal’s Sweet Tooth, Killzone’s Colonel Radec and God of War’s Kratos.

It did not end there as Sony revealed two new characters during their E3 Press Conference with Uncharted’s Nathan Drake and BioShock’s Big Daddy joining the ranks.

Fast forward to San Diego Comic Con and Sony announce two more playable characters with InFamous’s superhero Cole MAcGrath and Jak and Daxter’s Jak and Daxter joining the roster as well.

MAcGrath’s character will be based on the model which was in the second InFamous game and not the first one but one can expect DLC with alternate costume options to be released later on at some point.

As for Jak and Daxter, both characters will work be on screen at the same time and work as a team and will be able to transform into their alter egos, namely Light and Dark Daxter, which should excite fans of the series.

The supers were also teased with Cole able to generate tornados and Jak and Daxter able to combine for long range attacks.

The game will allow players of both the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 3 take each other on in what is the first real wave of cross-platform titles with many more set to follow.

At the rate things are going one can expect many more characters to join the ranks especially the likes of Nathan Hale or a Chimera from the Resistance series and maybe even Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet.