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PlayStation Blog 2012 Awards: Game of the Year – Fans

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   December 25th, 2012   |  
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Ubisoft presents Assassin's Creed 3 duri

The US PlayStation Blog allowed visitors to vote for their favourite game in a number of categories and the Game of the Year went to a certain hooded, hidden-bladed Assassin.

It around this time of year that a number of video game related sites release their lists of Game of the Year, best game of this console or that platform and to be fair, a number of the awards are fairly pointless, however, at Wishfree we strive to bring you coverage of only those awards that matter.

The PlayStation Blog is one of the major online publications out there and although it is not a third-party and falls under the Sony umbrella, it caters to a considerable percentage of the PlayStation market base.

The blog allowed players to vote for their favourite PlayStation 3 game of the year and there were a number of worthy contenders among the nominees. However, keeping in line with the PlayStation theme, the awards were split the same way as the trophies are, Bronze, Silver, Gold and the highly sought after but rarely achieved, Platinum.

The first category players were asked to vote on was the PlayStation 3 Game of the Year.

Coming in with the Bronze Trophy is Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Treyarch took a number of risks with the game and they seem to have paid off as gamers seem to have really taken to the new take on the classic formula. The Zombies mode in the game itself is enough to sell the game.

So ‘which game beat Black Ops II to the silver?’ we hear you ask, well, as it turns out it’s quite the insane open-world first-person shooter. That’s right, Far Cry 3, won the silver as gamers have really taken to Ubisoft’s third instalment in the series.

Winning the Gold was the stellar follow up to Geabox’s latest breakthrough IP. Borderlands 2 barely missed out on the Platinum trophy as the vote count was pretty close. The game built on the original in almost every way and has seen more widespread success as well.

However, the Platinum trophy went to none other than another Ubisoft title, Assassin’s Creed 3. The new setting, new protagonist and enhanced gameplay seems to have done nothing but taken the series and it will be interesting to see what the developers have in store for the next instalment in the series.

There was also the editor’s choice as well, which made for some interesting reading as well, not just in the Game of the Year category but others as well.

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