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PlayStation Vita firmware update incoming, details

By: Musa Afridi

  |   November 14th, 2012   |  
PlayStation Vita

The system software update v2.00 will add a number of new features including an improved Twitter app, an app for email and better performance as well as an enhanced browser app.

The PlayStation Vita is set for an overhaul on the system software or firmware front with a major update incoming. The update should interest both existing and potential PlayStation Vita owners as it also adds PlayStation Plus to the Vita. however, that new is big enough to warrant its own separate story, which can be found by clicking here. Seriously, click there, it’ll tell you about all the free games and how the PlayStation 3 version of PlayStation Plus will be linked to the PlayStation Vita version.

However, there is still plenty of content heading Vita owner’s way in terms of what the update adds in terms of functionality. The Vita still seems like a work in progress on the app front with only basic functions available.

There are apps for Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Flickr, however, none of them have the depth that one would expect. The Facebook app tends to open the web browser on certain occasions and this can be a tad bit frustrating as one begins to wonder why the app exists if it redirects to the web browser every so often.

However, the better app out of all the rest in terms of social networking is Live Tweet for Twitter. The UI is brilliant although it was limited in terms of functionality. Sony are set to address these issues with the next update which now allows users the ability to Tweet a URL. The new User Interface will allow users to link websites and webpages via the touch of the screen thanks to a new menu option.

At the same time, the console is also set to become more practical as an email app is also set to be released. For those with a bit of a professional lifestyle the app could help the Vita become more useful.

Another notable improvement will be how the Vita will be able to transfer content from PC to Vita and vice versa. At the moment users have to connect the two devices using a USB Cable and run Content Manager. However, after the update the two devices can be connected wirelessly.

Finally there will be some changes under the hood as well as the update will improve the rendering engine and thus increase the performance of the console.

The update is scheduled for released on the 19th of November in the United States and one day later on the 20th of November in the EU region.

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