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Probable PlayStation 4 launch titles – Part 2

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   July 10th, 2012   |  
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After analysing Metal Gear Solid 5’s chances of being one of the PS4’s launch titles it is now time to take a look at what other first-party games could release alongside it.

Killzone 4

What we know:

A notable absentee from the E3 Press Conference was Sony’s first-person shooter series, Killzone. That can only mean that the next instalment in the series is in development but the question arises for the current console, the PlayStation 3 or the next generation console, PlayStation 4?

A statement from one of the employees at Guerrilla Games, the developers of the series, confirmed reports that the studio were working on a new title, however, the source remained tight-lipped on what it could be.

The chance of Guerrilla working on a new IP seems highly unlikely as the Killzone series has become the premier first-person shooter for the PlayStation console and is something that one would expect to release every other year if not annually.

The game will pick up where Killzone 3 left off. This is not an arrogant assumption but if anyone stayed till the end of the credits will have noticed the scene that gives some hint as to where the series is headed.

After nuking an entire planet, namely the Helghast home planet (Helghan) the game’s protagonist Sev, along with the rest of the ISA forces, makes his way back to meet up with the rest of the ISA.

Rumours are rife that the ship at the end of the game was carrying Scolar Visari’s daughter, who can be seen briefly during the opening intro to Killzone 3.


One can expect the game to raise the bar in terms of visuals as the series has been known for doing in terms of the first-person shooter genre as no one could deny that both Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 were the most atmospheric shooters on the console.

In fact, the atmosphere continued on to the multiplayer component as well, which won GameSpot’s best multiplayer game award. Killzone 3 built on two’s success and provided a more action-packed experience.

One can expect the third instalment to build on that and maybe even introduce more vehicles into the online component of the game.

Co-op is more than likely to make a return in the fourth part but the main area that the game will have to improve is in the single-player department which, apart from a few moments, has been largely run of the mill.


The fact that no Killzone related announcement was made during  Sony’s E3 Press Conference means that Killzone 4 is more than likely to be announced alongside the PlayStation 4 next year.

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