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Review: Ghost Recon: Commander – a free-to-play Facebook game

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   July 12th, 2012   |  
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Facebook flotation

Part 1: Facebook has been infiltrated by a Tom Clancy’s elite Ghost team and gamers can unlock content for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier simply by playing Commander.

A term that gamers will hear with increasing frequency over the next few months is free-to-play. A number of publishers are moving towards testing the waters of providing free games to consumers in a bid to remove any barriers to entry into the genre.

Ubisoft’s first venture in the free-to-play market is Ghost Recon: Commander. The game is currently only available for Facebook users and anyone who has played Farmville, Cityville or Castleville will be familiar with the level of graphics that can be achieved on the platform.

In fact, this early on in the review one could say that Commander is the Farmville for core gamers, which replaces crops with enemy soldiers and seeds with guns.


The game is pretty complex in terms of the number of options that gamers have available yet pretty simple to get the hang of at the same time. The player has three things he needs to worry about the most: Ammo, Money and Health.

Ammunition and Health regenerate over time at a rate of +1 Ammo and +1 Health every two minutes and are two items that gamers cannot do without. Every shot fired during the various missions in the game costs a bullet and seeing how limited the Ammo is, every shot counts.

At the same time health deteriorates with every hit taken; take too many hits and the mission is a failure.

Ammo can be bought using Facebook credits and requires credit card details and real world money, although no purchase is necessary for the more patient fans who can wait for the ammo and health to regenerate over time.

As for Money, well that is something that gamers will have to earn by doing missions and completing objectives. The money is important in order to hire other Ghosts, which can be the default ones provided by the game or friends who also use the same the application.

Squad mates are important for a number of reasons; firstly, the increase the ammo limit, secondly, they provide extra targets for the enemy AI to shoot at, thirdly, they actually will assist you on mission and lastly, because they improve the player’s stats.

Inviting friends rewards players with extra ammo and players can unlock various items upon completing an objective, which can be shared with friends as well. So instead of sharing a lost sheep or cow, players can now share grenades, extra ammo and other items that will appeal to shooter fans.

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