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Review: Resistance: Burning Skies, is it worth a buy?

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   July 23rd, 2012   |  
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The PlayStation Vita’s first first-person shooter has its strong points and weak points but does the overall package impress? Read our review to find out.

A majority of PlayStation Vita gamers are lamenting the lack of content on the second generation portable gaming console released by Sony. There are a number of titles on offer but enough to maintain a consistent interest in the console.

Sony has announced a number of titles to rectify that but in the meantime it depends on the likes of Uncharted Golden Abyss and Mortal Kombat to keep interest levels fresh but is Nihilistic software’s first entry on the Vita worth a purchase.


The plot is simple enough and takes place around the same time as the second Resistance game. Alex Riley is the game’s protagonist, who happens to be a fireman. While responding to a fire in a warehouse, Riley comes across the Chimera and the invasion. Teaming up with a group of civilians the player must fight off the initial invasion and begin the search for his family who he sent to an evacuation camp.

There are plenty of twists and turns in throughout the story and a number of intense moments, which will raise a few eyebrows.

It is not a stellar storyline that one will remember forever but it does have its moments and fits in perfectly with the Resistance universe and the games that have preceded it.

Gameplay and Controls

Starting things off with the gameplay and straight off the bat the game plays extremely well. Resistance: Burning Skies proves that first-person shooter do have a place on the console, which is important for the console to be accepted by mainstream gamers.

Although, the size of the analog sticks do sometimes cause problems they are only minor and can be easily overlooked once players adjust to the Vita.

There is one disappointment to be found with the aiming mechanic though as the game’s developer made no use of the motion control the Vita is capable of. Uncharted Golden Abyss made great use of that particular feature, allowing gamers to fine tune their aim by moving the console around.

A similar feature would have taken the game to a whole other level but sadly it was lacking.

Apart from that the user interface, use of the rear touch pad and touchscreen is commendable especially when it comes to using grenades and the game’s iconic melee weapon, the axe.

Players will find themselves looking for any excuse to deal some personal hurt on the Chimera with the axe and that is what a melee weapon is all about.

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