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Review: Resistance: Burning Skies, is it worth a buy? – Part 2

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   July 23rd, 2012   |  
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This is a continuation of the first part of the article…

The on screen icons are conveniently placed so that they can be accessed without too much trouble and ‘axing’ the Chimera is a breeze and one of the most satisfying melee experiences since the one introduced in the PlayStation 3 title, Killzone 3, albeit not quite as good.

The use of the touch screen is also pretty novel, with players able to raise shield and use the alternate fire mode of a number of weapons as well. The controls are responsive apart from the ‘sprint’ command, which can be cumbersome at times.

One annoyance that gamers will come across is the checkpoint system in the game, which at best is inconsistent and can lead to repetition of the same sequence over and over again on the harder difficulty.

Another new element introduced in Burning Skies is the weapon upgrades. Each weapon has six upgrades spread into two different categories and players can opt to use any two of them at any given time, of course that is when they have been unlocked.

This allows for players to really find a weapon that suits their style of play and each weapon can stand out on its own.

Graphics and Soundtrack

In terms of visuals the game could be a bit better as there is no sense of scale, something the Resistance games are known for. In fact, the ending sequence will surely disappoint gamers with just how ‘rushed’ it looks.

Apart from that the graphics are decent enough and players will find themselves in the same settings as the other Resistance games ranging from urban environments to the trademark Chimeran bases.

In the sound department the game is once again found wanting especially when it comes to the Carbine and the Bullseye, two weapons player will find themselves using throughout the game, the sound is woeful.

At the same time the running animations for the Chimera are comical at best and one has to wonder how much or rather how little time the game’s developer put in coming up with those.

Another major let down is the fact that players will not be able to take screenshots while playing the game as Burning Skies does not support the nifty feature.

Verdict: Resistance Burning Skies sets a decent precedent for first-person shooters on the PlayStation Vita and one gets the feeling the game was rushed into release. However, it still delivers a short but sweet experience and is a title any Vita owner should try out despite its many minor flaws.

Resistance: Burning Skies gets a commendable 8 out of 10.

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