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Review: Spec Ops: The Line pushing boundaries or over-hyped? – 1

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   October 26th, 2012   |  
Spike TV's 7th Annual Video Game Awards 2009 - Show

Part 1: Jager and 2K Games tried to redefine the way people would at shooters and video games for that matter but did it pay off or back fire? We take a look.

There are those that will tell you that video games are an art form and there are those who will raise their pinky finger and with a stiff upper lip and snobbish grin tell argue against that statement. However, even the latter will have to agree that the medium is a powerful one and one that can connect with a person more than music, film and all that good paint gone to waste on expensive canvas.

Anyone who wants to cite an example about how Video Games connect with those who indulge themselves in this medium now have Spec Ops: The Line to bring into any debate or argument. There is no denying that the game developed by Jager and published by 2K Games redefines the genre and raises some interesting points about games as a part of culture, but does that make it a game worth playing?


Spec Ops: The Line does nothing special in the gameplay department. You can carry two guns at a time and there are plenty of weapons to choose from with options ranging from a number of assault rifles, a few shotguns, light machine guns, submachine guns, pistols and of course, sniper rifles.

The game is a third person cover based shooter, so there is the taking cover, blind firing and peeking out to take a shot mechanic all included. At the same time, the player has limited options as to how he can control his squad mates.

Many slated SOCOM 4 for its linear squad commands and lack of depth, as it turns out those people will probably go into a fit of rage when they see this game.

Ammo is not plentiful but weapons are, so players will find themselves picking up a different weapon every so often.

In terms of enemy AI, it is inconsistent at times but not the point where it breaks the game. However, on the higher difficulties balancing becomes an issue as a single burst of fire can take out the player and force him to start from the previous checkpoint, which can result in having to fight through a plethora of soldiers or insurgents once again.

Having said that, the gameplay is not as important in this case as the game itself, it’s almost as if each part of the game is imperfect but they all come together to create something else.

Gameplay Score: 6/10

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