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Review: Spec Ops: The Line pushing boundaries or over-hyped? – 2

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   October 26th, 2012   |  
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Part 2:


Players will be wondering what the hell is going on in the game from the second they are ambushed for the first time till the very end where it all comes together. The story unfolds in layers with the main character, Walker, and his two squad mates Lugo and Adams both sent to recon the area after a distress call was received from the ruins of Dubai.

However, the mission goes from recon to rescue when they discover soldiers of the Damned 33rd Battalion executed and one of them kidnapped by the local insurgency. From there a twisting and turning tale of deceit, misunderstanding, mistakes, revenge and retribution will have players wondering how it will end and still have them thinking after the final credits rolls.

Without giving too much of the foundation of the game, which is the story, away the game revolves around one particular incident in the game and how the squad look to avenge it and make things right, with the emphasis on Walker.

The game is inspired by The Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now and has a few elements from The Rock as well, but don’t be fooled, Spec Ops: The Line is a visceral, reality check on just desensitized we have become as gamers.

A line from the game goes something like, ‘killing for fun is murder, killing for the government is heroic, killing in video games is harmless’. Instead of being reassuring, one suddenly sees what the game is trying to emphasize and it does a brilliant job at that.

Our advice is that you should play this game as a good guy killing bad guys and see where the road takes you and you will not be disappointed.

It may not appeal to everyone but it will have a lasting impact on anyone who plays it to the end and will get you thinking. The game has five different endings and its up to the player to decide which one he wants to believe in.

Story Score: 10/10


For a great story one needs a great atmosphere, locale and a soundtrack that fits the tone of the game. Luckily, the game has all three and more.

Set in Dubai after a massive sandstorm, the game immediately puts the player in an uncomfortable position with bodies and carcasses scattered about and fighting the very people you were sent in rescue.

The game sees you killing you’re way through because that is the only option you have (or is it?). the atmosphere itself helps set the tone of the game  and does a solid job at that.

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