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Sony announce free SDK for the PlayStation Vita

By: Musa Afridi

  |   November 21st, 2012   |  
PlayStation Vita

The dev kit is available for free it will cost $99 a year to be able to publish.

The PlayStation Vita is struggling for unique content and Sony seems to have come to a rather interesting solution to the problem. With only a handful of titles exclusive to the console such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Resistance: Burning Skies and LittleBigPlanet Vita, and the majority of other titles available on other consoles as well such as Mortal Kombat and FIFA 13, the Vita is struggling to stand out on its own.

Sony is looking to supplement the triple-A titles with fan made and indie titles as it has release the SDK for anyone to download and develop their game for the PlayStation Vita. The SDK itself is free to download and use, however, anyone looking to publish their game will need to pay $99.

That is a one-time fee for an entire year, with developers able to publish as many titles as they please during the period following that onetime payment.

Sarah Thomson, the Senior Manger of PlayStation Mobile’s Mobile Content Acquisition, took to the PlayStation Blog to both announce the move and explain the reasons behind it.

She began, “All of your feedback is crucial to the success of PlayStation Mobile, and we’ve been working diligently these last few weeks to bring more titles to the newest PlayStation platform.”

With the corporate marketing formalities taken care of she went on to announce the Dev Portal, where indie developers could both create and release their titles for the PlayStation Vita. She explained, “Through the online portal, developers can download the official version of the PlayStation Mobile SDK, sign the PlayStation license agreement, and pay just $99 (U.S.) to publish as many PlayStation Mobile titles as they want for one year.”

The pricing is similar to what Apple charges for the iTunes Store and what developers have to play in order to publish their titles for iOS devices.

Sarah continued, “We’re dedicated to making it as simple as possible for the development community to bring PlayStation-like game experiences to all of our dedicated fans via the PlayStation Mobile platform.”

The move seems to have stemmed from the impressive sales of the smaller, arcade titles that are on offer for the Vita. Opening the doors to indie developers could help make the Vita standout with a number of unique gaming experiences, at the same time one can expect developers working on Android and iOS systems to bring their games to the console as well.

Angry Birds Vita or Temple Run Vita anyone? The way those games are set up it would not be too difficult seeing those games, or similar titles making their way to the Vita and expanding its appeal.





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